Top Three Reasons to Own a Pet

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Are you considering getting yourself a dog but are confused about whether you will make the right decision? Well – if the answer is yes, then you are here at the right place.

Here are some solid reasons why you should own a pet.

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No More Loneliness

Social isolation is a serious thing. And it is getting worse with each passing year – especially – when people have started to rely on tech gadgets for nearly everything.

As a pet owner, you will be actively looking after your pet – and – believe it or not – but the pet will look after you too.

If you want to prevent unwanted breeding, as a pet owner, you will want to opt for pet desexing. But even for the better health of your pet, you will want to follow the professional advice of desexing your pets when they are five to six months old.

Nonetheless, coming back to the topic of essential benefits of having pets – pets can make us feel less alone as they offer unconditional love – especially – if you keep a dog. Just think about the amount of love you get – including emotional support and cuddles- and they will follow you even if you ask them to leave you alone.

You get the point – as a dog owner, you will never have to deal with social isolation, as your interaction with your pet can reduce a sense of loneliness.

Better Health

Apart from your mental health, dogs are good for your physical health, too – including your heart health. If you have been living a sedentary lifestyle until now, you will want to get a dog. Why – you may ask. Well, the answer is as simple as this – with a dog around you, you will be running loads of errands – other than taking your dog out for walks.

You will be teaching your dog fun and amazing things, and you two will be playing games, which is absolutely mandatory if you want to keep your dog happy and if you want to bond with your pet. Nonetheless, speaking of heart health, you will want to understand that according to a study, dog owners are at a lower risk of dying of high blood pressure.

Yes – you read this right – dogs can keep your blood pressure low and also improve your response to stress, which is amazing as we live in stressful times where we feel pressured and anxious all the time.

Improve Coping Mechanism

Dogs don’t only help us reduce stress, but, as a dog owner, you will also be in a better mental and emotional space to cope with some crises. According to studies, military veterans with PTSD perform better – mentally and physically – when they own a service dog.

In other words – war veterans with PTSD express lower symptoms of PTSD when they have a dog by their side, which subsequently improves their coping mechanism in any critical situation. More importantly, as a pet owner, you are a hundred times more attractive than a non-pet owner.

People are naturally driven by dogs and cannot help but strike up a conversation with their owners too.


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