5 Facebook Marketing Errors: Avoid These Like The Plague.

Facebook Marketing Errors

Using Facebook to promote your business and brand can be a hugely impactful and successful form of marketing for your business…if you do it right. Get it wrong on the other hand, and you could be wasting time and money on an avenue that isn’t going to work for you, or at least not as much as it should!

Want to make sure you get it right? Read on to discover some of the biggest Facebook marketing errors, and why you should avoid them like the plague…

1. Lack of a strategy!

Far too many businesses leap into social media marketing without a comprehensive strategy in place – a truly terrible mistake. You need to know the impact that you want to make, what your goals are and who you are targeting before you start.

A lack of strategy can lead to poor posting and a lack of engagement with customers. It will always result in you not achieving what you could with the right plan in place. If you are struggling to come up with a plan of your own, a top agency offering Facebook advertising services can help you craft a compelling plan bound for success.

2. Too much promotional content

People don’t want to have ads thrown at them all the time. It’s bad enough as it is already!

Adverts are so prevalent in today’s society that consumers have mostly developed an ability to ignore them. So, you are not only risking irritating Facebook users, but it also isn’t a strategy with a likelihood of great success.

Facebook marketing, if done right, works best with an inbound marketing approach. Rather than bombard them with ads, you should instead draw your customers to you through creating high-value, engaging and unique content.

Remember to be informative, enticing, and try to evoke an emotional response. That way you will be far more successful at establishing yourself as a trustworthy authority.

Let them make their own minds up about you.

3. Responding too seldom and too slow

Engagement is key if you truly want to boost your business with the help of Facebook. We live in a world of instant responses. People expect you to reply as soon as possible, and will form negative opinions if you don’t.

Not responding at all can have an even worse effect, and should be avoided at all costs. If the aim of Facebook marketing is to connect with more customers, you really shouldn’t be dropping the ball on message responses and engagement with its users.

Yes, when you reach a certain size responding to all comments will be practically impossible, however, messages and queries should take priority.

4. Lack of investment

A lot of businesses that fail to see results through Facebook marketing have failed to invest enough in it. You cannot run a Facebook ad for a day and call it a failure, nor can you put an hour a week into your socials and blame your audience for not engaging with you.

To truly make a success of your Facebook marketing you need to invest both time and money, consistently (whether it be your time, or money on a third-party agency’s time and expertise).

5. Failure to understand all that Facebook can offer

Finally, one of the biggest mistakes that businesses make is in failing to realise their potential on social media. Facebook has so many features, systems and analytics to help you succeed, and to help your business grow.

The fact is, when executed well, a tactical Facebook ad campaign can be transformative for any business – so don’t rule it out entirely before doing the necessary research and (at the least) trialling a few campaigns.

Final thoughts

If you work to avoid these errors and put a comprehensive strategy in place, you should be well on the way to a successful Facebook marketing approach. This kind of marketing does take a great deal of time and effort to do right, but the rewards can be tremendous.

If, like many people, you feel your time and energies are going to be better spent elsewhere, why not hire an experienced digital marketing agency to do it for you?

Time is precious, so learn to delegate well and leverage the experts. 


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