Thrifty & Classy Party Ideas for Millennials

Thrifty & Classy Party Ideas

Planning a party on a budget can be difficult; especially if you’re trying to pull off something that looks classy. But it can be done! Here are a few thrifty, yet classy party ideas that will make your next gathering feel special without breaking the bank. 

Create a centrepiece for your event by renting a jumping castle or other type of play area

Jumping castle hire Melbourne is one option that provides plenty of fun for young and old alike. Whether you want to recreate an outdoor carnival atmosphere or just provide some friendly competition, renting a jumping castle will help you create the perfect party atmosphere.

Set up a photo booth with props like hats, glasses, wigs, masks, etc.

This allows guests to dress up and take pictures with their friends throughout the night. It’s also a great way to capture memories from the evening that everyone can look back on fondly later down the road when they look through their photos together! 

Movie projector

If you’re having an outdoor party, set up an outdoor movie projector so people can watch movies under the stars. All you need is some blankets and chairs for people to sit on and some movies ready to go – maybe some popcorn too! 

Have a potluck-style dinner

You can even invite each guest to bring their favourite dish or recipe to contribute to the meal! Not only does this cut down on costs since everyone pitches in ingredients-wise, but it also helps bring everyone closer together as they share stories about why they chose that particular dish/recipe over others.

Game night

Have a game night where each guest brings their favourite boardgame or card game – this way, everyone gets involved in playing something they like while also getting to know each other better by discussing strategy or reminiscing about past experiences with these games.

Scavenger hunt

Host an outdoor scavenger hunt where guests have to search around for objects/items listed out beforehand – this helps keep everyone entertained while also engaging them in some friendly competition, which usually results in hilarious memories at the end of it all! 

Dress-up theme

Plan themed dress-up parties such as 80s/90s/70s etc., as this allows guests to get creative with their costume choices while still staying within budget. Plus, it gives everyone something fun and different from regular everyday attire – it always makes for interesting conversations too! 

There are plenty of ways to throw an amazing party without breaking the bank; all it takes is creativity and resourcefulness!

The ideas outlined above are just a few thrifty yet classy options; hopefully they inspire you towards creating something memorable yet affordable for your next gathering. Good luck planning your celebration – we hope it’s one that nobody soon forgets!


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