6 Roof Maintenance Tips For Homeowners

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Regular inspections are one of the required aspects for proper roof maintenance. Checking your roof daily can not only increase the life of your roofing materials but also prevent a lot of factors that may lead to damages, costly repairs, etc.

Here are some crucial roof maintenance tips every homeowner should know.

Inspect Your Roof Regularly

You need to check your roof daily for any signs of damage or wear and tear. This helps you catch any potential issues before they become significant problems. You might not be able to find leaks or cracks from just the first look.

Wind and water are not the only things that can damage your roof. Ultraviolet sun rays can also affect shingles gradually. If you find missing or damaged shingles and leaks, then it’s time to hire roofers to take a look at them.

Check For Proper Ventilation

Make a proper ventilation setup to prevent heat and moisture buildup in your attic. Otherwise, it could cause damage to your roof and lead to mold growth. If a roof is insulated poorly, it will also lose up to a quarter of its heat, causing higher utility bills.

Your home will become hotter in the summer if your roof is installed improperly. Properly installed roofs can last more than forty years. It’ll also help you save on roof repairs.

Clean Your Gutters Daily

Clogged gutters are one of the most common problems that homeowners face. Leaves, bugs, and debris can end up in your gutters, resulting in them getting clogged. If water can’t flow freely down your gutters, they start to overflow and damage your roof.

Clogged drains also often lead to water entering your home through the roof and ruining your walls. So keep your gutters clean and free of blockages to get rid of such problems.

Trim Branches Near Your Roof

Trees that are too close to your roof can cause damage during storms with their branches if they break off. It also provides easy access for squirrels and other animals to invade your home.

One of the best ways to maintain your roof is to clear away threatening branches. Ideally, you should check the growth of the branches annually and trim them if needed.

Check For Moss and Algae Daily

Moss and algae can very easily grow on your roof and cause damage. They grow in areas of moisture and make your roof slippery. if you detect them on your roof, that means there must be a leak or an area where moisture is collecting.

Clean out your roof regularly to prevent the growth of moss and algae. If it has already developed, sprinkle zinc sulfate granules on your roof surface seasonally and systematically.

Clean Snow From Your Roof

Snow on your roof can create a lot of problems. If your roof is older, a heavy amount of snow on it can cause it to collapse. It’s best to remove the snow from your roof so that it remains protected and doesn’t have the chance to collect.

You can remove snow from your roof with the help of a snow rake. It will significantly lessen the chance of a roof collapse.


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