Men’s Haircuts Guide: How to Choose Perfect Haircut Styles?

men’s haircuts

Are you one of those looking for an up-to-date trendy men’s haircut with the start of the new year? Do you wish to transform your hairstyle to give yourself an updated look? Whether you’re looking for a fade-cut or an undercut with medium, short, or long hair, there are several men’s haircuts to choose from.  

From the slicked back to comb over, there are many trending men haircuts styles right now, including pompadour, faux hawk, crew cut, crop top, and side part. So, without further delay, allow us to enlighten you with both classics and modern contemporary hairstyling techniques.  

Short Hairpiece Cut for Men 

Short Hairpiece Cut for Men 


The quiff is one of the latest hairstyles for men and has a high demand in contemporary barber shops. This voluminous haircut not only gives you a decent look but also offers an easy-to-control small-sized hairstyle. Furthermore, the skin fade on the sides enhances the hair length from the top, thus giving a clean-cut appearance.  

The haircut works best for someone whose hair length is three to four inches from the top. As far as the styling is involved, you can style such a haircut using a pomade with wax. This way, you’ll get an additional moderate to high hold for your hair and endow yourself with a stylish aspect.    

Long Comb Over Hairstyle with Low Fade 

Do you wish to witness a classy yet bold hairstyle to give yourself a more prominent look? If yes, then this hairstyle would indeed suit you best! The soft fade keeps the back and sides neat and clean, while the deep portion adds height and contrast to the style.  

In addition, the use of a low-shine pomade offers you extensive control without making your hair look stiff or untidy.  

Slicked Back Undercut Men’s Haircut 

While talking about in-fashion men’s haircuts, the slicked-back style never gets old as it offers a trendy mix of both classic and modern elegance. But do you know what the best part about this hairstyle is? It works best with medium-sized hair and offers a much-refined appearance.  

With the use of a hair dryer and styling brush, you can comfortably blow your hair back and control its direction. Additional finishing with a matte pomade will help keep this hairstyle in place all day long!  

Medium Length Swept Haircut for Men 

Medium Length Swept Haircut for Men 


This present-day side-swept hairstyle with combed overlook pairs looks flashy in men and is a must-have, especially for those with a full beard. To style such a haircut, brush your hair in one direction, making sure to keep them textured and messy in the process.    

So, if you have thick hair between three to five inches long, this haircut styled with a medium hold pomade offering low shine or a matte finish is ideal.  

Long Hairstyling Ideas for Men 

Long Hairstyling Ideas for Men 


No doubt, the list of men haircuts styles would be incomplete without diving into some long hairstyling ideas. Men with long hairstyles and beards deserve to look masculine and fashionable! Don’t you think so? As more guys are growing their hair for longer styles, this trend is now getting more popular than ever!  

So, whether you have messy, textured, or naturally shining hair, you can comfortably style them by pulling back with the support of a small amount of styling cream or mousse (in case of damp hair).

As a side note, try using your fingers or an air dryer to tousle the styling cream in between your hair. This will help maximize movement, volume, and flow for long-haired men.  

Textured Pompadour Fade 

This in-demand pompadour hairstyle offers a decent look for men who like to go for cleanly-cut, trendsetting styles. With an appealing lineup and a disconnected undercut, the textured pompadour fade can indeed turn heads!  

Such a hairstyle would be best for men who have thick and straight hair. As far as the styling is concerned, you can use a strong pompadour wax with a blow dryer to keep your hair in place all day long.

In order to create additional volume, it would be best to start by brushing your hair upwards and backward to create volume and height in the front. If you want a more sophisticated look, feel free to finish off with a shine-free hairspray.  

The Bottom Line 

We’ve mentioned some of the best in-fashion men’s haircuts for your consideration. You can select from either of them concerning your hair type and desired hair length.  

Modern trends support the idea of natural-looking men’s hairstyles designed with lighter hold and matte ending pomades. In addition, you can use a blow dryer to add some extended flow and extra volume to your hairstyle. 

Although current trends are leaning towards medium and longer-sized haircuts, the significance of short haircuts can also not be denied as they are easy to manage and give a tidy appearance!


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