How to Find out What PC Case You Have along with Model Name and Number?

PC case model name and number

PC cases cannot be recognized by any software or something else. It depends totally on your analysis to search for the name of your PC case. You must find the manual of the case.

If you do not have it, it will take time to find the case number. It may be more challenging to find out your PC case’s model name or number than to find out your motherboard or Power supply unit model. Motherboards are easily recognized due to their size.

If you are not an expert in computers, then it will be complicated to know the exact model of your current PC case. We will describe some ways to determine how to find out my PC case. You can find out the model number of your PC case that has come with your PC along the way you bought it or if you have its customized PC case.

How to Know Your PC Case Name?

First, you need to check the system box or the case box of the PC to find the model name. Search for the manuals or user’s guides. The brands of the PC cases give essential details over the box. You can also find the specifications in the box.

If you do not find the manuals, there is another option to search for manuals on the brand’s website. This is the easiest way to get information about your PC case.

How to Find out Your PC Case Model?

You can find the model number on the PC case body. It can be carved in different spots.

  • Check at the bottom of the case. You can find the model number there.
  • Or check at the back of the PC case or the case’s front panel.
  • If you find the model number, it will be in bar code numbers like the product numbers.

How to Identify my PC Case Brand?

The brand name is not mentioned in the case most of the time. You will find the brand name on the PC case in some rare cases. It may be somewhere down on the front part or at the backside of the case.

Fortunately, if you find out the brand name, you can find the model name and number conveniently. You must have a look at the cases designed for water cooling. It will guide you about the best PC cases.

How to Know the Form Factor of the PC Case?

You must check the form factor of your PC case after spotting the brand name. You will know the size of the PC case that will be the form factor. There are 4 form factors of the PC cases- Full Tower, Mid Tower, SFF, and HTPC.

  • Full tower PC Case supports ATX format. They are the most significant PC cases. Primarily they can support dual CPUs inside. They are the best for gaming.
  • The Mid Tower PC case can also assist ATX format. They also have suitable space to set the components inside. They can also be the best option for gaming.
  • SFF tower assists the ITX motherboard. They are small in size and can have the space of compulsory components of the PC.
  • HTPC is a home theater PC. It can be used for playing music and games and watching movies.

How to Find the Exact Model Number of the PC Case?

After finding out the name of the brand and form factor, it is not difficult to find out the model number of the PC case. You can log in to the brand’s website and reach out to the category of the same case. You must filter out the products according to the form factor of your PC case. Now you can see the same PC case as you have.


Finding the PC case model name and number can be tricky. You can do it only if you follow our guides to recognize that. The company logo may also tell you about the PC case because the brand name is not written there directly. 


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