How can human resources leverage corporate social media platforms to increase employee engagement?

corporate social media platforms

Employee engagement fosters an environment in which all members of an organization give their best efforts each day, go the extra mile to support their organization’s goals and values, and remain motivated to contribute to the organization’s success while also improving their own sense of health and wellness.

That is why every human resource professional today is asking the same question: How can I enhance employee engagement? As such, in today’s post, we’ll examine how corporate social media platforms like CircleCare may be utilized to foster an engaged workforce culture.

Corporate social media platforms are being used in the workplace.

Organizations can instruct their human resources teams to monitor and enhance daily workplace activities through the usage of private social media platforms. With the correct platforms in place, employees can keep informed about their organization’s goal and latest project updates, interact efficiently with one another, and reduce the amount of emails and instant messages exchanged.

According to research, social media platforms have the potential to boost productivity by more than 20% merely by promoting social media communication and update sharing.

Additionally, corporate social media platforms may be used to connect and inspire employees. Employee retention, productivity, and work satisfaction all rise when employees feel valued. Encouraging high-performing individuals to share their professional accomplishments, work experiences, and personal family moments is critical for them to find purpose in their job and develop relationships with one another.

When workers are engaged, they develop a sense of ownership over their responsibilities, which are critical in enhancing the organization’s brand. CircleCare Badges that highlight a worker’s accomplishments may be posted on any social media platform and viewed by customers, prospective employees, friends and family, and other key audiences.

How can businesses incorporate corporate social media networks into their business processes?

To engage employees in your organization’s corporate social media activities, ensure that the platform is accessible to all team members. Allowing and encouraging workers to use their cellphones at work to access corporate social media, rather than prohibiting them, will increase employee engagement.

By providing workers with health, wellness, and personal development resources like as articles and videos, as well as hosting friendly contests such as step challenges or photo contests within the platform, employees will be more receptive to participating. This will acquaint them with the potential and rewards associated with social technology.

By selecting a configurable and user-friendly platform, you can increase employee participation with any workplace program. You should be able to adapt and control the platform to meet your specific company needs, which is critical for employee engagement.

CircleCare is an excellent tool for bridging the divide between coworkers, teams, and departments. Additionally, the platform has a helpful mobile application for usage on Android and iOS devices.

Finally, monitoring and evaluating an organization’s corporate social media activity is an excellent tool to determine the optimal way to boost employee involvement. By monitoring activity on the CircleCare mission control center and browsing your corporate feed, you may determine whether a campaign was effective.

For engagement management, the human resources department can also solicit recommendations from all employees to ascertain employee engagement concerns or to solicit suggestions on how to increase employee engagement.

How might corporate social media platforms in human resource management help increase employee engagement?

Businesses may leverage corporate social media platforms to boost employee engagement, enforce a health and wellness culture, and successfully teach team members how to support one another and lead one another to achieve company goals. CircleCare is one of the most popular corporate social media applications used by human resource departments to boost employee engagement, inspire teams, and promote healthy living.

A positive work environment, business culture, and personal experiences all contribute significantly to long-term employee engagement. Human resources departments may utilize corporate social media to provide a forum for workers to voice their problems, thoughts, and views about the business and its activities. Additionally, it enables managers to maintain contact with all staff, whether remote or not, and to enhance inter-team or departmental collaboration.

Beyond employee participation, the value of business social media platforms

The use of business social media platforms for purposes other than employee engagement, such as talent retention, reputation enhancement, and cultural communication. Corporate social media platforms may be used by any company as a low-cost tool for growing their business and reaching new heights.

CircleCare’s corporate social media platform can equip HR executives with all the tools necessary to easily retain excellent applicants. It provides an all-encompassing wellness platform and serves as a significant differentiator for many firms. As a supplier of corporate wellness platforms, we understand that when wellness is interwoven into the fabric of an organization’s culture, workers develop a sense of employer concern for their health and well-being, which results in increased productivity and engagement.

Companies may utilize corporate social media platforms to influence their corporate cultures in order to retain top employees. team-building events, health and wellness programs, and cultivating an appreciating work environment that may be utilized to instill pride in employees.

Sending badges to recognize employees’ accomplishments, congratulating them on work anniversaries, and wishing them a very happy birthday are just a few examples of how a positive use of corporate social media platforms can help build a company’s reputation and provide new hires with an instant positive onboarding experience.

If you’re still reading this post and finding it interesting, you may test CircleCare for your company. We provide a fully functional 14-day free trial period with no need to sign a long-term contract or provide credit card information. Give it a try today or share it with your human resources department.


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