A Comprehensive Guide on How to Post on Instagram From a PC


As a business person, you are probably already aware of the need to have your brand presence on social media platforms. Instagram is among the best social media platforms to market your brand if you use it properly.

However, to jump from one social media app to the next on the phone is usually draining, and you would love to handle all of them simultaneously. This is only possible if you use your PC to manage your social media.

While other platforms allow uploading the picture and doing other things right from your PC, Instagram does not let you post photos from your computer. But all the same, there is a way around it. You can use a third-party app or use desktop hacks.

In this guide, you will learn steps to post on Instagram from PC and go with what suits you most.

Procedure to Post on Instagram from a PC

While this method may sound complicated at first, it is actually not. Posting images on Instagram from a PC allows you to instantly upload pictures on your desktop to your account. This method does not work with videos or carousels. Of course, it is not possible to schedule anything in advance since you have to undergo the same process as publishing content from your Instagram app.

Posting on Instagram from the PC, you need to use modern web browsers with unique built-in features. This will allow you to access the Instagram mobile view right from your desktop.

That means when you are on the desktop version, you can enable this feature to have the browser know you are viewing the site from a mobile device. Upon doing that, press the upload button; though not on your computer, it will appear. Then you can publish your post just like you can do from your mobile phone.

Steps to Upload a Post from Your PC:

  1. Open Chrome or any browser, go to instagram.com, and sign in to your account.
  2. On the top right corner of the screen, click on the + symbol. (It is the same button you use when creating a post from your mobile app). A new window will pop up upon clicking it.
  3. You now need to drag a photo or video into the popup window, or better still, select right from the computer to browse. Ensure to pick the correct file from your PC. If you aim to create a carousel post, you can choose as many as ten files from the computer.
  4. A frame icon will appear at the bottom of the popup window. Make sure to click on it. It is on the bottom left and helps you change the image size in terms of ratio. Use the zoom feature to do this and drag the final file to the frame. Once you are done, click on the Next button in the top right corner.
  5. Edit your picture. You can choose one of the effects from the 12 found in the filters tab. You can also edit by going to the adjustment tab and tuning the specs, including brightness, contrast, fade, and more. Then click the following button.
  6. Step six allows you to write a caption to describe your image. Click the smiley face icons, then browse and choose an emoji that best explains your image. It is okay to add a location. You can choose to allow or restrict comments in the advanced settings. Also, if you are interested in adding any text to your file, you can do it from the accessibility section.

How to Post on Instagram from Your Computer Using Creator Studio

Is Instagram the social media platform of your choice? Perhaps you don’t care about having another social platform in a single dashboard. Then the creator studio is a good option to consider. When you use creator studio, it is possible to post, plan and schedule Instagram Stories.

Steps to follow:

  1. Ensure that your Instagram account is connected to the creator studio.
  2. Navigate to the Instagram section.
  3. Click on the create post button.
  4. Click on the Instagram feed.
  5. Select the account you wish to post to in case you have different Instagram accounts connected to the creator studio.
  6. You can choose to add a caption or ignore it, as it is optional.
  7. Click on the Add Content button and add your preferred pictures or videos.
  8. From there, select between these two options.
  • Either you click File Upload to make new content


  • Click from the Facebook page to post the already shared content on a different platform.
  1. Step nine is optional. If you wish to make simultaneous posts to any other account connected to your Instagram, ensure to check the box on the next page. It allows you to, let’s say, post under a particular Facebook page. It is also possible to add other details to your Facebook post if you wish to.
  2. Finally, click on Publish to share it.


If you have been wondering how to go about it (posting on Instagram from your PC), you just need to do a simple workaround. It is that simple since it perfectly works with Chrome users. Besides, it allows you to avoid transferring images from your computer to mobile devices.

While there are a few limitations – like you can’t make a post to many accounts – the good thing is it is possible to easily use your laptop. Another limit is that since you can make a post right from the PC, it is hard to schedule future posts.


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