Advantages of NCERT text books in comparison to side books

NCERT text books

NCERT stands for National council of education, research and training. It has gone on to embark on a marvellous journey of education both at the primary and secondary level.  A testimony to this fact is class 9 social science as it sets up a perfect base for the class 10 exams.

But when it comes to parents they tend to have doubt in each and everything. The first doubt at the back of their mind is will NCERT books be more than enough to score good marks in class 10 exams. Yes is the answer as they are stand-alone books and have helped numerous students to score 95 % in their board exams. Below are mentioned some of the benefits why NCERT books are rated to be a cut above the rest 

    • A detailed explanation of complex subjects is provided- The design of the NCERT books is done in such a way so that the complex subjects are addressed in a proper manner. Here the intelligence level of the student does not bear any relevance as the students will be able to cover the topics and polish their basics as well.
    • CBSE exam papers follows the NCERT books- A basic difference does exist between fact and myth. A fair refection to this situation is 99 %  of the questions in the CBSE board exams are asked from NCERT books. There is nothing which is asked outside the contents of the books.
    • The important questions at the end of the books are tweaked and asked in the exams- if you observe the questions you will come across match the following,, answer in a single word etc. These are the questions that the students attempt at the end of the chapters. Basically they are the ones which are tweaked and asked in the exams.
    •  NCERT books sticks to the CBSE curriculum- An individual who has gone through the NCERT books would be able to answer any question in the exams. NCERT books provides a fair understanding of the concepts that students can attempt easily during the course of their exams. So you have to accept the fact that the NCERT books goes on to follow the CBSE curriculum on all counts.
    • CBSE itself suggests NCERT books- CBSE has always voiced for NCERT books. They have asked the private schools not to refer any other book to the students since it would be a total wastage of time in their lives. According to them studying NCERT books would be more than sufficient to score good marks in board exams. No need to unnecessary push your limits and refer to a lot of books to cover the same syllabus
    • NCERT books clears your concepts in a better way than other side books- An ideal way to study is to give preference to NCERT books. They will enable you to understand the concepts better and you need to make notes to revise for later use. Towards the end it can help in quick and timely revisions. One of the best things about NCERT books is that you gain a fair understanding about the concepts and this is an area where the other books are known to lack.
  • NCERT books are published in simple English language that is easy to understand- as discussed early CBSE boards suggest students to go through NCERT books. The concepts are explained in an easy to understand language that would be of help to the students. When the students refer other books the concepts are difficult to understand and a lot of students faced difficulty in NCERT class 9 social science.
  • NCERT books saves a lot of time during exam preparation- The moment language tends to be easy, it becomes easy for the students to apply these concepts. As far as time management is concerned a considerable degree of time is saved at the end of students. This savings in time could be used in areas where the students need extra practice and NCERT books are a saving grace.

The moment you go on to study from NCERT books and are done with it catch hold of a previous year paper and solve it. You are going to find it easy to answer the tough questions since you have a proper understanding of the topics. It goes on to clear your concept in an easy to understandable language. T

he content of the syllabus is precise and the best part is that it is recommended by CBSE itself. So no longer you have to rely on other books to score big in CBSE exams.  But still if you require any form of help platforms like Infinity Learn can be of help. They have subject matter experts who can guide you and clear your concepts .


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