What is a Self-Driving Car Course?


Does this sound like wondering that a car can be driven without any human involvement? Not at all! This may have seemed strange a few years ago, but it is not surprising these days. Today, technology has evolved so much that nothing seems impossible. Autonomous cars are now available that can run on roads without any manual driver. Also, the best self-driving car course available have made it reach new heights. So, here in this article, we provide complete details about the self-driving car course. Let’s move ahead.

What are Self-driving Cars?

Self-driving cars can sense their surroundings and run without human intervention. There are no human requirements to operate this car at any moment or even to be present inside the car. A self-driving car can do everything that a skilled human driver does. The self-driving cars use software executed by sensors, sophisticated algorithms, actuators, robust processors, and machine learning systems. These cars build and update a map of their environment based on various sensors placed in various parts of the car.

What is a Self-driving Car Course?

The self-driving car courses include fundamental and advanced knowledge about the intricate structure and parts of a software stack for self-driving cars. Under this course, an individual can learn about the methods used to operate self-driving automobiles. The course covers the entire spectrum of self-driving car capabilities. The course helps you to learn about radar and lidar sensor data. 

Apart from this, the course includes knowledge about the application of computer vision and techniques to create algorithms for the automobile industry. 

The other skills that you will learn in this course are:

  • Develop a machine learning method to recognize 43 various traffic signs
  • Recognizing lane markings on a road
  • Learn the ways to apply fundamental computer vision algorithm 
  • Learn the ways to use Keras to create and train robust neural networks
  • Learn how to implement techniques for detecting static and moving objects, locating and mapping, planning behaviours and manoeuvres, and controlling vehicles.
  • Utilizing accurate vehicle physics and a full complement of sensors, including GPS/INS, camera, wheel odometry, LIDAR, a depth map, object bounding boxes, and semantic segmentation.
  • Demonstrating CARLA proficiency and Python Software Development 

Modules of Self-driving Car Course

There are five modules included in the specialized self-driving car course. The modules are: 

Module 1: Basics of Self-Driving Car Course

Module 2: Designing Self-Driving Car System

Module 3: Knowledge about the Control Systems of Self-Driving Cars

Module 4: Learning Computer Vision for the perception of the Visual

Module 5: Final Experimentation and Integration

The modules of this autonomous car course cover topics related to the installation of different parts in the car. It also provides you with two optional courses: Python Crash Course and MunPy Crash Course. Other things that you will learn in this course are the Perceptron, Multiclass Classification, and MNIST Image Recognition. 

Closing Words

So, this was all about the Self-driving Car Course. If you are willing to choose a career in the automobile industry, this is one of the best courses that you can go through. To be a front-end developer in this industry, you can also choose the front-end development courses in Pune that will help you gain advanced knowledge about the automotive industry. The best self-driving Courses offer you job opportunities to enter this sector. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get complete knowledge about the course you want to choose.


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