What is a CATIA V5 Course in India?


This thorough course teaches you the ins and outs of CATIA-V5 for automotive design. To that end, this is an excellent starting point for novices. 

The procedures involved in creating a vehicle’s outer shell are the focus of this course. The students will learn about Engineering fundamentals and problem-solving skills through this course. They’ll be made familiar with design principles and processes for creating models. Students will learn how to use software that is used to help design the plastic parts of an automobile. When it comes to design software, one of the most popular options is CATIA. 

The aerospace and automotive industries use it extensively for creating products and tools. The need for trained and accredited CATIA specialists is high all around the world. Leading corporations are offering lucrative wages to attract certified CATIA professionals. Training in CATIA may greatly improve your chances of finding work in the information technology field, so if you’re interested, read on further.

Through an in-depth study of CATIA V5 Courses in Delhi and other CAD/CAE tools, identification of ergonomics concepts, and advanced instruction in automobile styling approaches, the Post Graduate Program in Automotive Design using CATIA V5 will provide its students with expert knowledge of the industrial design process. 

Detailed and designed for newcomers, the Postgraduate Program in Automotive Design with CATIA V5 offers a comprehensive curriculum. This 64-week programme introduces students to topics such as automobile seats, lighting, and plastics design.

Front and rear bumpers, hoods, doors, fenders, headlights, and taillights are all included in this category of car design. This course will also cover full vehicle body design and related topics such as virtual clay modelling, Class-A surfacing, generative surface design, etc.

The application was created using a process-based approach with real-world automotive industry tasks in mind. A graduate of this programme will have the confidence that they are prepared to enter the workforce as an automobile designer at any firm.

Chennai is home to several car companies and related businesses, earning the name “Detroit of India.” It has made it more important for people in metropolitan areas to have skills in the auto industry.

The CATIA V5 Course In Chennai, which was made in collaboration with well-known people in the field, will give you high-level theoretical and practical project-based skills. 

You’ll be qualified for the following positions after you’ve finished the training:

The tuition fee charged for the Post Graduate Program in Automotive Design Using CATIA V5 for lifetime access to the software is Rs. 25,000 per month; for 18 months of use, it is Rs. 20,000 per month and Rs. 15,000 monthly for nine months of access.


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