It doesn’t take much to add bohemian elements to your home décor

bohemian elements to your home décor

Your home décor is a reflection of who you are! If you are a laidback person, chances are that you would want an intelligent décor that will not take much time to establish. Similarly, if you go by convention, you would wish for a New England-style house or a traditional décor that is basic and has a formal appearance. Here, the Scandinavian or minimalist room décor theme is something you can opt-in for and execute without any hassle.

However, one of the most popular home décors you can opt for is the Bohemian design theme. As the name suggests, this home décor is free flowing, and you can add on several décor aspects that add in elements of a free spirit. Homeowners often feel they can sport a bohemian dress or a bohemian accessory trend. When you plan it well, you can add Bohemian or gypsy elements to your home as well. 

If you are wondering how to go about it, in this article, we will discuss some of the ways you can bring alive this décor element in your home. The ones that are easy to implement are:

Choose bold, colorful patterns

The use of vibrant and bold colors characterizes the bohemian décor. You can select what for you seems to be a bright and vibrant color. The gypsy or bohemian philosophy is all about living life to the fullest. As a result, it opens the door for bold and distinctive colors. For instance, you can select a bright pink color and strategically use it in your living room and dining space. If you have decided to use a pink tablecloth, you can opt-in for pink cushions and keep them on the couch or the sofa. Choose different shades of pink to create a contrast that will help you create a bright and gypsy aura. 

Bohemian furniture plays a crucial part

When you are trying to organize the living room, go ahead with the central aspect of it, which is the furniture. You can check out the one-of-a-kind sofa, the coffee table, and the pouf that will create a specific tone. Keep an eye out for the upholstery along with the deep, saturated hues, print which looks artsy and depicts distinctive and quality craftsmanship. Irrespective of the piece, you need to bring out the character and the ease of the boho living room. 

The layered rugs

When it comes to the boho interior space, everything is about character, right from the floor to the ceiling. And there is more to it than the beauty. All these spaces give out a casual vibe that makes them highly livable. But it also makes a scenic boho wall décor in most rooms. A simple layering of the fluffy and patterned rugs can provide them the areas, which have a striking base. It would help if you were highly mindful of the layered rugs, which are ideal for the living room and the bedroom. 

Get the faucet correct

Often people think that a kitchen space doesn’t fall under the preview of the bohemian décor. That is not true at all. When renovating the house in the bohemian style, you must address the kitchen décor. One of the best ways to do that is by opting for the spray head attached to the faucetIt will give the kitchen space the required aesthetics and function. Make sure that you select the durable model that comes within your budget. 

Alternative seating is one of the innovative options 

You can’t have a boho-style house without an aspect of fun. And it would help if you implemented that in the shape of the furniture or décor. You can have options such as floor cushions, hammocks, and the hanging chair, and it can add the correct percentage of cheerfulness to the room requirements. That is not all. If there is any seating that gets fixed to a ceiling can open up several floor spaces. You can add benches with a rustic appearance or even couches with artsy designs and threadwork as their cover. 

A boho-style fringe 

Today, the fringe and the macrame can become synonymous with the bohemian style. It is much sleeker and more intricate than ever before. Most boho macrame wall décor will add a specialized touch to any bedroom design. Here you can choose shades that complement the room color. For instance, if your room is mauve, pale blue, or even pink, you can select a white macrame. If you are unsure about the entire selection, ask an interior décor expert who can help you choose. 

The patterned tiles 

Today, the multiple colors and the creative tilework can open up a vast world of striking bathroom design. Hence, you can choose bold patterns. Take time and allow your mind to envision a hexagon tile on the floor. After that, you can get a floral motif using an accent and a grounding metro to make it work perfectly well. In addition, you can add the boho house décor in intervals. Here you have a tiny feature wall to create the best impact. 

Finally, it would help if you got a statement chair in the living room. People don’t need to use it, but it provides a distinctive visual appeal to the entire living space. If you want, you can also use a mandala-printed cushion or a cloth on it to approximate the bohemian vibe. These spaces are casual and relaxed and have a lavish feel. If you want a detailed and classy look, you can opt for candles, fluffy mats, and plants

Creating a boho vibe décor is not difficult. You must follow the suggestions mentioned in this article and select the ones you enjoy the most. Also, have an idea of the look that you wish to create and choose it wisely. 

You can also discuss the same with an interior decorator to ensure that the final result will be what you want. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with the experts now!


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