How to Take Care of Women’s Swimwear?

Women’s Swimwear

With the scorching heat coming in, you might be keen on visiting your local pool or the beach. You’ll need the best women’s swimwear to enjoy splashing or swimming in the cool waters. Did you know that the global swimwear market will touch AUD 33.91 billion by 2024? Undoubtedly this will contribute to the landfills as people keep using and buying new swimwear.

The best way to avoid contributing to landfills is to choose your swimsuit correctly and maintain them well. If you are confused about how to care for women’s swimwear, don’t worry. This article will enlighten you about caring for your swimwear and help you make it last longer.

Tips For Making Your Swimwear Last Longer

Swimwear is stylish, comfortable and perfect for that beach or pool outing. You must maintain them and care for them to increase their lifespan. Further, if you have purchased a perfect swimwear that fits you well, is of high quality, and has great colour and patterns, you need to ensure it gets the care it needs.

So, here are some tips for you to ensure the longevity of your swimwear.

Hand Wash Gently

One of the important points about caring for your swimwear is to hand wash it gently. You must avoid machine washing it. While washing in the machine, it could cause your swimwear to lose its elasticity.

You must wash it in cool water with your hands by using a gentle detergent. Use detergents that protect your fabric’s colours while removing stains and chemicals. More importantly, ensure you don’t wring your swimwear as it could lose its shape.

Rinse The Swimwear Immediately After You Have Worn it

When you have used your swimsuit, rinse it the moment you get home, irrespective of whether you swam or not. Do not let it lie in the bottom of your bag with a towel. If you are sunbathing with your swimsuit on, the sunscreen you have applied could damage the fabric of your swimsuit.

Further, if you have got into the water in the pool, you definitely need to rinse your swimwear as chlorine can be damaging to it. After a day out with your swimwear, all you need to do is rinse it in cool water and air dry. It is advisable not to soak it as that will loosen the fibres.

Try Not to Place Your Swimwear on Rough Surfaces

While out enjoying the cool water, avoid sitting on rough surfaces. Rough surfaces can pull at the fibres and fill your swimwear with pilled fabric. Further, try to avoid contact with pool walls, concrete seats, and pool edges. However, if you need to sit on a rough surface, place a towel and then do so to avoid spoiling your swimwear.

It’s Best to Wear Your Swimwear After a Shower

Another important aspect of caring for your swimwear is to wear it after you have a shower. This will wash off the grease, oils, lotions, and chemical already on your body. It will ensure your swimwear doesn’t encounter these products that can contribute to swimwear deterioration.


Swimsuits are often worn after you slather some sunscreen on you. This can potentially damage your swimwear. Moreover, swimming in a pool makes your swimwear susceptible to yellowing, fading, and dullness.

This is why it’s crucial to maintain your swimwear in pristine condition. Preferably, you should hand wash your swimwear with specially designed detergent to protect your swimsuit’s colours and fibres. Moreover, you must only air dry them. Caring for your swimsuit like you do your delicates will make it last longer.

So, if you have a favourite swimsuit, follow these tips and increase its life span. Not only will you maintain your favourite swimsuit, but the landfills


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