Hologram Stickers: Importance, Benefits and Features

Hologram Stickers

Holographic stickers are one of the best ways to prevent piracy. Organisations find it useful to put custom holographic stickers to instil credibility and originality. Brands need these colourful custom imprints to show the company name, logo, and serial numbers. These stickers do not just enhance the packaging; they help increase brand awareness.

Some confuse the name hologram with different meanings, such as the multilayer image on credit cards and driving licences. Holograms are used in debit and credit cards too. If you receive payment via a card, check for a hologram sticker because it represents a valid card.

These kinds of holograms contain two or more images put on each other that the image visible to the person depends on the position they are standing.

When it comes to branding, hologram stickers are the best option to fight counterfeit products. What makes these stickers special is you cannot scan this sticker to make duplicates, and to make a lookalike is tough. These 3D custom holographic stickers have unique optical properties that can diffract light and create a 3D picture, which is impossible to scan.

There are some more reasons why companies prefer hologram stickers, such as:

  • Best way to authenticate a genuine product
  • A quick and simple way to validate with naked eyes
  • There are many embedded security signs and features within the custom hologram stickers

What are the applications of hologram stickers?

These stickers are used for a lot of purposes, such as:

  • Product launch
  • Product labels
  • Packaging
  • Security
  • Brand authentication
  • DVD security labels
  • ID labels

Initially, the idea of these stickers was to secure the products against counterfeits, but there are some more benefits of using custom holographic stickers.

  • Best choice to label quality product
  • Custom hologram stickers can keep text, serial numbers and logos without fading away.
  • Usually, silver, collared and clear stickers are evident.

Companies like to use custom-made stickers to make their product look more authentic and improve brand awareness. With the customisation in option, businesses try to get unique hologram stickers to attract more customers.

Important features of hologram stickers

  • Super visibility
  • Immediate protection against duplicity
  • Self-adhesive
  • Vibrant colour combos
  • Grear design
  • The adhesive used is acrylic which is compatible with plastics, papers, and other non-porous surfaces.
  • These are tamper-evident polyester labels with written chemical components underneath the picture, which will self-destruct the image when removed.
  • Tamper proof

When counterfeits are destroying the business of original brands, the only way to protect and promote genuine brands is by putting stickers that cannot be scanned and duplicated. And that’s hologram stickers, the best way to fight against the counterfeits.

To this date, holography is the best and most cost-effective 3D photographic method. Because of its durability and benefits, every firm prefers this sticker over any markings.

A company can utilise this sticker to maximise brand awareness. The sticker helps customers identify fake products, not just brand awareness, not just brand awareness. Hologram stickers signify that the product is authentic, making people buy the product without a doubt.


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