How to Fix Errors on Electric Scooters?

Electric Scooters

Your electric scooters may have errors in their functions. The reason can be overloading, circuit breaker, or something else. If you ride on your electric scooter recklessly, then it can be hazardous to your scooter. You can troubleshoot your vehicle to fix the errors. You may find top electric scooters for kids to give them as a gift. You must also know how to fix the errors on electric scooters. Let’s have a look at some errors and their solutions.

Electric Scooter E2 Error Code

E2 error is due to the brakes of the electric scooter. Check your brakes for that. Hold the brakes and switch on display to move. If nothing happens, then try other brakes. Try to move the scooter. If it is moving smoothly, then it is E2. To fix this code, you need to adjust your brakes.

You can adjust them by the clip near the clutch or by the back clipper of the brake. You must tighten the bolts to fix the problem. You can open up the brakes with an Allen key and then make them fit.

Electric Scooter E3 Error Code

To fix the E3 error, you need to check the motors’ wires. If the wires are loose, you need to get them tight. It may be possible there is a need to replace the fan motor or control board.

Electric Scooter E4 Error Code

It may be the fault of the throttle. You may have pressed down the throttle before the bike turns on. Switch on display and check if it is rotated. If it is clear, disconnect the throttle and check if the display shows E4. If you again see that, then tighten the cables of the throttle. 

How to Fix E5 Error on Electric Scooter

E5 is the communication error between the display and the motor. T can be caused due to the malfunction of the scooter. You need Allen Wrench to figure out the problem. Unscrew the hook on the neck of the scooter.

Twist off the handlebar, and pop it down. You will see three wires plugs. Make them unplug. After that, check the wheel spinning. Suppose it runs fairly, then all clear. If it is stuck then, the motor’s contact and the display are interrupted. Connect the wires properly and see if the error is fixed.

How to Fix E6 Error on Electric Scooter?

E6 error code means that the inside unit cannot contact the outside unit of the electric scooter. The voltage of the motor is not proper. The controller may have a failure, and it needs to be replaced.

How to Fix E7 Error on Electric Scooter?

E7 is related to the motor fault. First, you have to remove your electric scooter deck. You need to undo all the screws. You need to carry the fixed wires. Just unplug the wires from each other. You need to check all motor wires. 

Ensure the wires are intact and do not glue them together once you rectify the wires and connections that are all ok. You need to check for the resistance of your motor by moving the wheels slowly. If you find any resistance, remove all the wires’ connections, then watch for the resistance. If still, you feel resistance, then change the electric scooter’s motor.

How to Fix E9/E10/ E11 Error on Electric Scooter?

E9 is the controller fault. If you have run your electric scooter too hard in harsh circumstances or maybe the transistors of your scooter burnt out, you need to change the scooter’s controller.

If you face E10 or E11, there is a communication fault in your scooter. You may experience the stick of the handle while turning left or right. It is a sign of intermittent connection of transmission. You will remove the wire harness and fix a new one.

How do I Reset my Electric Scooter?

If you want to reset your electric scooter, start by switching it on. Next, press the brake lever down and simultaneously press the speed throttle or accelerator down. Then, switch it off. After waiting for 5-10 seconds, switch it back on. Additionally, access the electric scooter app on your mobile phone and update it. Once completed, verify if your scooter has been reset by testing its speed. This process also applies to resetting the best electric skateboard.


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