How To Clean Carpet With Steam Mop: Step-By-Step Guide


Woman washing the floor using a steam mop

This guide will give you accurate and detailed information on how to clean carpet with steam mop. You get frustrated and tired because stains get stuck on your carpet. These stains become blemishes that give your carpets the ugly look and it becomes discolored.

Have you ever considered using a better alternative that eases the stress you go through? Nobody enjoys going through unnecessary stress while cleaning their carpets.

Do you think using a steam mop is a better idea? Do you think it will be safe especially when your carpet is light-colored?
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Without further ado. Let’s get started!

Reasons To Steam Clean Your Carpet

Using a steam mop is one of the methods to clean the carpet without a vacuum. It is one of the cleaning tools you must have and it is very affordable.

This cleaning tool is so easy to use and also lightweight. It has been made in a fashion to protect your carpet from getting damaged. That is why you don’t need to add toxic chemicals or detergents when cleaning.

Watch this video to learn about why you should steam clean your carpet:

Watch video: Why You Should Steam Clean a Carpet

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You may still be wondering why you need to get the steam mop to clean the carpets. The following benefits will give the answers.

Prevents Your Carpet From Awful Smells

One of the reasons you need to steam clean your carpet is to prevent it from smelling awful. Yes, your carpets can harbor dirt and stains. Therefore, the perfect way to prevent this is by steam cleaning your carpet. The air in the apartment will be fresh.

Easy To Use

Above all, it is a technological advancement that has made cleaning easier. Steam mops are user-friendly. Once you follow the instructions, you will find out that it is very easy to use.

Cleans Effectively

I can’t overemphasize the importance of these tools. Steam mops don’t make your carpets saturated. With a light steaming, your carpet can become properly and effectively cleaned. Steam cleaning your carpet will help you to get rid of dirt and other pollutants on your carpet.

Prevents Dust Mites And Bacteria

When you steam clean your carpet, you prevent bacteria and dust mites from building on it. This is one of the best ways to maintain hygiene in your home. If you are allergic to dust mites, it is important you get rid of dust mites in your home and this tool is very helpful for this.

Makes Your Carpet Look Beautiful

If you don’t steam clean your carpet, you will notice that its appearance looks dull. Using a steam mop on your carpet helps to restore its bright look. It will also extend the lifespan of your carpet as it won’t wear out easily, and looks new every day.

How To Clean Carpet With Steam Mop

Floor cleaning using a steam mop

In this section, I will discuss how to use a steam mop to clean your carpet without stress. Cleaning your carpet with this tool is very easy if you adhere to the instructions.

It is advisable you at least test this out on some patches of the carpet before you commence properly. You may want to verify if the steam mop is safe for your carpet. It is good you first try out the patch test.

The Patch Test

Carrying out the patch test enables you to know your carpet’s resistance to any high-temperature water vapor. When trying this out, choose only a small part that is not open to visitors when they come in.

At the end of the patch test, you may find out that woven carpets tend to shrink. The shrinkage is a result of the intolerance of high temperatures. Steam affects man-made fibers resulting in some damage to them. Also, note that Berber carpets may become obscure when exposed to steam mopping.

The essence of it all is to guide you on how well you can clean your carpet with steam mops. That is why you need to first try out the patch test on a part that is out of sight. Do a partial run before running through the full run!

Please watch this video to learn how to clean your carpet using a steam mop:

Watch video: How To Steam Clean Carpet

Take Out Lightweight Furniture And Loose Objects

First, you have to take out lightweight pieces of furniture and loose objects. You cannot conveniently clean your carpet with any form of hindrance to you.

It may not be quite easy to remove these pieces of furniture. One thing is, you have to move out of anything that will stress you first. Having done that, you can then have a very smooth cleaning. If you do not remove these objects, you would only end up doing half of the job.

You do not have to hurriedly clean up the carpet. You have to take your time because, in the process, you may discover some stains around the house. These stains get stuck if you don’t clean up the carpet properly.

It will help to kill germs and fleas most especially if you have younger children and some pets in the house. Always begin with this first step. It only makes your work less stressful.

Use A Vacuum Cleaner

Regular vacuuming of the carpet helps in the cleaning process. It could be tempting to do so especially if you consider removing some items or furniture as stressful. Do not just start without vacuuming the carpet.

Young woman using a vacuum cleaner

Do you know the importance of the vacuuming stage? It helps to capture hair and as such, don’t skip it. This is what the steam mop can’t effectively do. The vacuuming stage helps to effectively reach the carpet fibers and it makes cleaning more productive.

There are chances that crumbs and dirt particles get stuck on the mop head. This helps pick these particles up.

Fix The Carpet Glider

This is an important aspect you should never ignore. Every cleaning stage is useful. You must follow the manual to ensure that you are doing it perfectly.

You do not get to the middle of the cleaning before you remember to attach the carpet glider. Before you turn on your steam mop, attach it with the carpet glider. Some steam mops have automatic starting. Before plugging it, you need to attach your carpet glider because it starts automatically.

When you do so, you do not get hurt by the hot steam. This is the primary reason you don’t think of connecting your carpet glider at a later time after cleaning has begun. Do not forget. Ensure you connect it properly before turning on the steam mop.

Put Some Water In Your Steam Mop

The next thing to do is to add some water to your steam mop. This is the fourth stage of the cleaning process. You should fill up the steam mop tank before you commence the cleaning. At this point, you have already connected your carpet glider.

Do not overfill your water tank. Some people make the mistake of just adding water without proper measure. There is the maximum amount of water needed in the water tank. It is often indicated in the tank, and it is mostly about 16 fluid ounces. If not indicated on the tank, read through the manual.

To make your filling so stress-free, some steam mops have a measuring cup. Just use the cup. With the cup, you can measure the water accurately.

Start Cleaning From The Far Corner

Start your cleaning from areas you do not have to step over and over again, that is why it is important to start from the far corner. When you start cleaning from the area you may unavoidably step when cleaning. You may end up cleaning all day long! That could be frustrating.

However, you should start steaming from the far corner. As you progress with the cleaning, the far corner gets dry without you walking on it again. This is mostly far away from the entrance which attracts more foot traffic.

Move Your Steam Mop In Straight Lines

As you clean, do so in straight lines. Sometimes, your cleaning becomes counterproductive if you do not follow guidelines. Move in straight lines when cleaning. This helps to prevent you from missing any spot. When you clean in straight lines, it is easier to know the moment you miss a spot.

Let Your Carpet Air Dry

After you have duly followed all the highlighted stages involved in the cleaning, the next stage is to allow your carpet to dry. This is because when it is dry, you wouldn’t have to scrub again when you walk on it. The kind of carpet determines how long it takes to dry. Sometimes, it could take up to ten hours.

When you walk on it when it isn’t dry enough, it gets dirty again. You should wait till it is dry. Per adventure there is a need to walk on it, put off outdoor shoes. Only wear neat socks. Steam Mop is a nice way of sanitizing, and it doesn’t bring discoloration to your carpet.

Other Options For Cleaning Carpets

There are different options for cleaning carpets. Watch this video to learn more:

Watch video: What is the best carpet cleaning method?

As earlier stated, the steam mop is a good alternative to cleaning your carpets. That sounds cool, right? It then doesn’t mean it is the only choice to consider. There are other cleaning tools you can think of.

Each cleaning tool has its unique feature. The steam mop is not capable of cleaning every kind of mess in your house. You need to understand this fact. There are some terrible messes and blemishes that require you to use other tools to clean up your carpet. Let’s consider some of these other cleaning tools.

Steam Cleaner

Steam Cleaning the carpet

Some hard stains require you to choose the steam cleaner. This is often regarded as a heavier solution than the steam mop.

This is very good for those tough messes that annoy you at all times. The truth is, we can never stop some stains from happening. They happen accidentally. All you need to do is use a handheld steam cleaner to clean up the mess.

The steam cleaners are mostly supported by tap water and detergent. You need to follow thoroughly the instructions given on how to add your cleaning solutions to the machine.

This machine will always heat the cleaning solutions. This will help you use it effectively to clean your carpets. Your carpets then become inviting all again.

To allow for effective cleaning, it is cool if you run the steam cleaner in horizontal lines deep across your carpet.

Carpet Stain Remover

This is another solution for the terrible stains in your house or office. Stains do not just pop up their ugly heads only in your house. It could be at work or any indoor gatherings. When dealing with hard and tough stains, the stain remover is one of the best choices for cleaning up the carpet.

Do not get yourself all worked out over cleaning up the stains. Carpet stain remover has an effective way of cleaning up stains. Not just effective, it is very fast too. You can be assured of smooth sailing when cleaning your carpet.

You may not have to pull out all furniture pieces or objects when you want to clean the carpet. If it is only some part that is messy, use it on the affected area. Softly agitate the affected part with a thick brush. The cleaning all depends on how messy the area is.

What A Steam Mop Can’t Do For Carpets

Do you ever think there are things the steam mops can’t handle? Some may think that this is not the perfect tool to remove all stains or spills on the carpet.

Let us state that the steam mop is not made to deep clean your carpets. Some expect the steam mops to perform all the cleaning duties. It may not be able to handle all kinds of stains but it is very effective in cleaning.

For you to successfully remove stubborn and ugly stains or dirt, always clean the carpet often. Use brushes and a strong vacuum to get rid of dirt stuck on the carpet. This may not be effective enough to remove hair stuck in the fibers of your carpet.

It still does not mean a steam mop is not a good solution to cleaning your carpet. It is not bad to clean it daily.  This helps to remove every dust mite and as such, maintains the quality of your carpet. There won’t be any awful odor oozing out from your carpet.

Simply choose the right steam mops for your carpets. Understand how to go through the cleaning stages. Do not assume anything about the cleaning if you are not certain about the information you have at hand.

Expectation Vs. Reality

It is good you use a steam mop for your cleaning not just at home but also at work. However, you should always read the user’s manual if you are uncertain about any step you are taking. Always clean with caution.

Do not make any grievous mistake that could harm you. The steam mop makes cleaning fun and you just beat up any stress associated with cleaning. It kills bacteria, germs and also helps with some stains or spills on your carpet.

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