Glamping In New Hampshire Treehouses & Tiny Homes


New Hampshire has stunning fall colors, cozy snow-filled winters, and bright green springs and summers. It’s the perfect place to get away for a staycation.

Glamping in a treehouse, tiny home, or cabin in the woods is a great way to reset after a long work week.

We’ve gathered some of our favorite luxury camping rentals in New Hampshire for any time of year. As people often search for information on this subject, it would be a good idea to make a podcast discussing it more thoroughly. If you want to have a guaranteed high success rate for your content, you can buy spotify plays and we will take care of the rest.

Camp In The Skier’s Favorite Studio

This amazing tiny house can hold up to four guests. It has one bedroom and one bath. You will have a whole house to yourself.

It is not a luxury spot but it is a natural beauty. Although there is no running water, it’s located right next to a spring so you can filter your own.

The loft can host a couple of children or one adult. The most tantalizing part of this adventure is the babbling Baker River which is only just 15 feet away.

Warren, New Hampshire

Spend A Unique Weekend At The ‘Gatehouse’ Tiny Home

This tiny home in Tamworth has big and glorious gorgeous surroundings! Every room appears to be something out of a storybook cottage.

What started out as an art gallery has turned into a unique rental complete with reclaimed elements.

It may be small, but this tiny home comes with an indoor and outdoor shower that has both hot and cold water.

Tamworth, New Hampshire

Shelter In The Treehouse At D Acres Farm

At this rental, you can satisfy your childhood dreams of having your very own treehouse. Fortunately, the treehouse is elevated only 6-feet off the ground so you don’t have to worry about falling.

While staying here, you can expect to enjoy the call of the woodlands and beautiful scenery.

This cabin is primitive, so you will need to bring your own sleeping bags. There is minimal bedding available.

On-site near the parking area you’ll find a porta-potty and portable water.

Enjoy the nearby swimming pond, and a farm store just a short walk away. Don’t forget to take advantage of crafts, seasonal produce, and beer.

Dorchester, New Hampshire

Go Luxury Camping In This Two-Story Treehouse

This is not your average treehouse. It’s more akin to a standard home elevated off the ground within robust trees!

The interior offers a whimsical, storybook warm feeling. With a cozy place like this you won’t wanna go home.

The treehouse can host up to four. It comes with one queen and one double bed as well as one bath.

Filled with all of the modern amenities, you’ll find glamping more like a stay at home.

The home is built with radiant floor heating and comes with a propane fireplace. The most obvious and gorgeous feature is a wrap-around raised deck.

Newbury, New Hampshire

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New Hampshire Treehouse At Plummer Shores

This beautiful treehouse is situated 12 feet above ground surrounded by trees. But you won’t need a rope ladder to get here!

It’s built with a sturdy and convenient stairwell from the ground all the way up to the front door.

This cozy home comes with Wi-Fi, a small bathroom, and kitchenette. There’s also plenty of space to work from home!

The decor is luxury and something you might see in a new model home. This treehouse can host four guests, it has one bedroom and four beds.

San Burton, New Hampshire

Go Glamping In The Ling Treehouse Retreat

If you ever wanted to have the experience of living off the grid, now is your chance!

This treehouse is located deep in the woods surrounded by wildlife and the sounds of nature.

It’s a primitive tree cabin with no kitchen and no WiFi. Plan on bringing some hot dogs or burgers to grill on the fire.

Nevertheless, the Ling Treehouse is a soothing and relaxing place to refresh the soul.

You’ll find hiking trails abound, and an outdoor shower to clean up before bed.

Newberry, New Hampshire

Tiny Tree Cabin Camping

This treehouse may look tiny, but it makes for the perfect glamping vacation.

While there isn’t any heat, electricity, or plumbing inside, you will find some luxury conveniences in the guest building just a 2-minute walk away.

You’ll find a mini-fridge filled with goodies, like tea, coffee, and snacks. And a clean bathroom and shower.

Plus there are plenty of nearby restaurants for the perfect night out!

Rye, New Hampshire

Tree House At The Shire

This quaint tiny house is not suspended by the trees, but located within a remote forest.

Set in a rural location you’ll get to experience the outdoors all on your own.

The cabin comes with bedding and insulation as well as an outdoor gas grill and all of the cooking essentials.

The treehouse can host three guests within one bedroom.

Conway, New Hampshire

Treehouse Sanctuary

Just because you’re glamping in a treehouse, doesn’t mean you have to feel like you’re camping.

Located in Dunbarton standing 30 feet off the ground, this treehouse comes with Wi-Fi, a refrigerator, composting toilet, and wood-burning stove.

If you are one that enjoys views you will love the scenery. As this treehouse stands 30 feet above the forest ground.

Bring your own sleeping bags or blankets, along with some pots and pans (if you decide to cook).

Dunbarton, New Hampshire


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