A Brief Look into the Types of Dog Fences Available in the Market.

dog fence

A dog fence keeps dogs, other pets, or domestic animals inside a restricted space. It does require a physical barrier to keep the dogs within the zone. An electronic collar emits a mild electronic shock when a dog ignores the warning sound. If anyone has dogs at home and wants to condition them to a specific area, the best solution is to buy dog fences.

Types of Dog Fences:

Australia has over 5 million dogs as pets, and at least 40% of the households have at least one. Have a puppy at home? One of the pragmatic things to do is to have a dog fence.

With the dog fence, one can give their dogs space to run around and keep them safe from the streets. There are 10-different types of dog fences. But before one decides to buy dog fences, they must know if their dog has the art of escaping. In that case, they should get a tall and deep dog fence.

 –       Dog fences with chain links.

It is one popular dog fence and comes with even metal columns and a thick gauge wire mesh attachment. The best part of this kind of dog fence is that it can prevent even the largest dogs. It is weather-resistant and long-lasting as well. If the dogs are known to be diggers, it works with them too.

–        Dog fence made with wood.

There is always confusion between a wooden fence and a picket fence. The wooden dog fence has tall slate boards. It is one of the good options if the dog is very aggressive and loves to jump a lot. The best characteristic is that it is six feet in height. If anyone is willing to spend more money to buy a fence, this is the right option.

–        Picket dog fence.

This type of fence is cheaper than a wooden fence, and it is not as tall as the slate boards. Moreover, the picket fence comes with spaces in between the wood slates. If the owner is willing to keep the dogs at bay, this trick does not work if they are small.

–        Invisible / electric dog fence.

This fence works best for those who do not wish to buy dog fences and give their dogs freedom. The installation process of this fence involves some amount of electric wires under the ground within the given perimeter. The puppy wears the transmitter. So whenever the animal crosses the perimeter, the transmitter releases a mild shock.

–        Wireless dog fence.

There is a similarity between an invisible dog fence and a wireless dog fence. The difference here is that a transmitter box is kept within the perimeter, which creates a signal.

–        Snowdog fence.

Looking for an affordable fence for the dog? Choose a snow fence. It is similar to a chain-like dog fence. These have wire mesh material in the middle of the posts.

–        Metal dog fence.

This type is made out of either aluminium or wrought iron. Both are known for aesthetic looks and are long-lasting. In this metal fence, the gaps between the bars are different so that the dog does not slip out easily.

–        Brick dog fence.

This fence looks very similar to a brick wall, and it can build to any height they want it to be. It suits best for dogs who like to jump or dig a tunnel, as it does not allow either of them to be possible.


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