Top Flat Fee MLS Companies -2022 Updates!

Flat Fee MLS Companies

Choosing a flat fee real estate company is one of the ideal ways if you want to save money while selling your property. As you pay the realtor a fixed sum it helps you avoid paying the hefty commissions charged by traditional agents.nWe provide you with an overview of the top real estate websites in the flat fee MLS industry. Let’s begin.


Houzeo is regarded as one of the top real estate websites in the flat fee MLS domain. It offers nationwide coverage and offers great savings to home sellers. A key feature of Houzeo is that its services are based on cutting-edge technology and incredible customer support. The listings get syndicated to the local MLS, Redfin, Zillow, Trulia, and other such websites.

Houzeo is 100% online and allows for simple listings and quick changes. As per Houzeo reviews, past users across the US have given the site a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on popular review sites such as Google and Trustpilot. The company ensures personalized support to all customer queries and concerns. Its high-tech features like IntelliList Listing Management System allows home sellers to manage their listing completely online. Even the showing appointments can be managed online. Offers and counteroffers can be viewed online.

Flat Fee Group

Flat Fee Group is also available nationwide and is one of the best flat fee MLS companies in the US. However, most of their home-selling process is manual and therefore could be time-consuming. Still, they have a strong base of customers who found their services economical and quite helpful. The company’s packages begin from $299.

If you want to get the realtor sign or Market Analysis service, then you will have to pick from the higher package. Flat Fee Group also offers full-service packages, the first one of which runs at $899 upfront. If your home is below $299,000 then you will pay $1,395 and a 3% amount at the time of closing. The listings are syndicated to other popular websites like, Zillow, and others.

Founded in 2005, has established itself as one of the fastest-growing listing companies in the US. The company’s aim is to sell the home in the shortest time possible. They make this possible by marketing and advertising your property to potential leads directly on top real estate websites.

But note that the company will only list your house on the MLS and will not give any help with pricing and negotiation assistance. Therefore, if you are a first-time seller ListWithFreedom may not be the best solution for you. The company provides services in most states except a few. ListWithFreedom reviews cite that not all hidden fees at closing are revealed upfront.

This is especially for sellers who sell through a buyer’s agent. The company charges 0.25% of this commission as a compliance fee. The buyer’s broker pays for this out of their pay. But the listing agent fee is paid by the seller, hence it is basically a hidden fee for the seller. The company also charges an extra 0.25% from the buyer’s agent commission, as per past ListWithFreedom reviews. This is besides the above-mentioned compliance cost.

This flat-fee MLS company has coverage in nearly all US states. It provides two listing packages, both of which allow the homeowners to avoid paying the listing agent’s fee by listing and showing their house themselves. The first plan runs at $299 and entails a 6-month MLS listing with 6-10 photos.

This package is ideal for 1-2 bedroom houses. The second package is priced at $399 and allows sellers to add 25+ pictures. This plan is good for bigger homes. also connects sellers with an agent for a predetermined discounted rate or a cash buyer if the seller is looking to finish the sale quickly.

Both these options can cut down the work needed to list for sale by the owner. However, the major drawback of the company is its relative lack of add-on options. Other flat fee MLS services offer add-ons such as contract negotiation or comparative market analysis. But none of these are offered by

Bottom Line

There are hundreds of flat fee MLS firms all across the US. While there are leading players such as Houzeo and Flat Fee Group, there are several other local flat fee MLS companies as well. Typically, such companies charge a flat rate that ranges between $100 and $500. Besides the basic listing, many companies offer a la carte features, which you can purchase by paying extra.

The benefits of choosing a local service include market knowledge, better communication, and better control over your listing. It is also worth noting that several national services just refer you to a local brokerage. So, you can just skip the middleman and directly work with a local flat fee MLS firm in your area. 


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