The Victorian High Country for the next big adventure: Carry these accessories

4WD destination

With its rippling ranges stretching to the horizon, the Victorian High Country is a genuinely unique 4WD destination that’s easier to explore with the right gear. Load up your vehicle with these must-have 4WD accessories for your next trip.


The High Country’s granite summits debunk the stereotype that Australia isn’t known for its mountain ranges. The High Country is a site where greater ground clearance is immensely important, with dips, rises, crests, and all other variations on display across its rolling routes. Upgrade your 4×4 suspension and add a lift kit to increase your approach, departure, and ramp angles, allowing you to face difficulties from the Snowy River to Billy Goats Bluff and beyond.

Furthermore, a custom suspension process will enhance your 4×4’s core driving qualities, which is a pleasant improvement when travelling over unforgiving terrain.


These are the type of tyre that is designed for use off-road. The accessibility of traction is one of the most significant distinctions between on-road and off-road driving. Stability can be challenging to come by off-road, and if you lose it, you could be in for a long recovery (or worse). The High Country is known for its thrilling ascents and descents across scree-covered mountains, which can lead to spinning or rebellious tyres. To fight this, ensure you have a good set of off-road wheels with an all-terrain or greater tread pattern on your vehicle.

Light truck tyres have much more abrasive tread patterns that help them find traction in rugged terrain, and their thicker sidewalls help them resist punctures and stakings, which are typical in Victoria’s alpine paradise.


Australia’s most popular off-road destinations nearly always have two things in common: beautiful landscape and the opportunity for difficult four-wheel driving. The High Country is no exception, with its twisty-turny tracks crisscrossing its mountain ranges, offering complex challenges that a motorist must correctly answer to survive.

If you appreciate a good challenge, it’s a good idea to secure your 4×4 and keep everybody inside safe with vehicle protection. With a bull bar, rear bar, sidebars, and steps, you can protect your truck’s underbody and the front, back, and sides of your vehicle.


4WD trails come in different forms and sizes, but many of the most challenging trails in the High Country necessitate technical know-how, including the ability to handle a 4×4 winch. When you need a rebound (or before you’ve even tackled that challenging stretch your buddy got stuck in), a winch is an invaluable tool for overcoming complex barriers in a controlled, safe manner.

With the tactical use of a winch and accessories such as winch extension straps, tree trunk guards, snatch blocks, recovery rings, and more, you can easily tackle rougher tracks.


When someone says “remote,” you probably think of cracked Outback grasslands and deserted islands without anything in the range – not usually a forested clump of mountains a few hours outside Melbourne.

But be warned: the Victorian High Country is a maze of trails that can make you feel quite secluded in some of its less-travelled sections. You’ll be able to fill the fridge to the brim, light up your campsite at night, and power a slew of gadgets with an appropriate dual battery system on board, allowing you to go travelling for as long as you desire.


With these 4WD accessories, you can take on any challenging trail. And also, be prepared for your next adventure and get lost in the wilderness.


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