Protect Your Parked Car with a Custom Sun Shade – Here’s Why and How

Parked Car

Whether you drive daily or occasionally – your vehicle is probably one of the most significant investments of your life. Like all major investments, your car needs protection. Protection from what? From a host of environmental factors that are almost out of your control once you park your car. These threats include –

  •       Harmful UV rays
  •       Paint-polluting debris
  •       Dust
  •       Pollen
  •       Tree sap
  •       Bird excreta

These are just some of the threats parked cars face on a day-to-day basis. Thankfully, they can be easily avoided with high-quality sun shades. Sun shades, as the name suggests, are protective pieces of fabric that protect specific regions from extreme weather conditions. The bigger your sun shade, the greater protection is offered.

Instead of parking your vehicle directly under the sun or indoors where they’re vulnerable to collecting dust/dirt – use sun shades. Sun shade sails have a distinct set of attributes that makes them extremely efficient at shading outdoor areas. Here’s why they’re ideal for shading your outdoor parking spaces.

Sun Shade Sails – The Ultimate Shading Structure

Unlike pergolas, umbrellas, and other shading structures, sun shade sails are typically made of breathable materials. Vinyl, high-density polyethylene, polyvinylchloride is some of the materials used to make these shading structures. That means hot air escapes the shaded region, keeping the temperature under the sun shade sail very low.

But, these materials are also UV-resistant. They block up to 98% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Since UV rays don’t touch your vehicle’s surfaces, its paint quality doesn’t deteriorate. The shaded regions are also much cooler than the shaded regions under solid shade structures (e.g., physical garages).

That’s because traditional garages don’t offer a combination of UV resistance and free ventilation. Hence the average storage temperature of your vehicle under a sun shade sail is at least 10° lower. Hence, your vehicle becomes cooler every time it’s parked. That’s great for your vehicle’s engine health.

Aside from these functional attributes, sun shade sails are also great for vehicle owners because –

  •       Cost-Effective: Installing a sun shade sail will cost you 1% of what it would cost to create a traditional garage. Plus, sun shade sails can be used to shade backyards, patios, and other large equipment. This versatility makes sun shade sails more cost-efficient than other shade structures.
  •       Aesthetic Boost: You can create a custom sun shade that perfectly matches your car’s paint or your home’s exterior décor. The aesthetic appeal of your outdoor parking space will improve considerably once you install this shade structure.
  •       Ease of Use: Only two people are required to set up sun shade sails. They’re even easier to take down.
  •       Water-Resistant: The latest sun shade sails in the market come with water-resistance ratings. How much water resistance your sun shade sail will offer depends on its thickness.

Sun shade sails are cheap, durable, versatile, and very easy to use. Any homeowner can benefit from installing these shading structures over their patio spaces, gardens, or backyards. But, the unique set of qualities that shade sails offer make them ideal for protecting parking spaces from the wrath of Mother nature.


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