Different Ways To Earn Money On YouTube Without Having Millions Of Subscribers


YouTube content creators are always known as self-made celebrities because they earned their audience by creating content and showcasing their talent in front of millions of people. The most basic content on YouTube is reviewing, teaching, funny videos, entertaining and many more things, basically being awesome on the Internet. However, with the rise in competition, it is very hard for people to increase their views on YouTube.

However, some people buy YT views to show their popularity among other content creators. It is like a race for many people and has become a status symbol in the YouTube community. There are many ways by which you can easily earn money without having millions of subscribers on your channel.

How much money can you make on YouTube?

There are many ways you can earn money, but money on this platform is not fixed; you can sell merchandise or from Google AdSense, and many big celebrities are earning millions of bucks through these platforms.

So, it is not fixed that you can earn money to a certain extent, but it depends on your talent or willpower as to how much you can earn. If your talent is good enough for everyone in this world, it will easily help you gain a lot of organic traffic on your channel. For example, technical guruji is a channel by Gaurav Choudhary; he lives in Dubai and earns around 326 crores of Indian rupees from YouTube.

Earned directly through the YouTube platform

This blog platform has many features, such as monetization and Google AdSense, which help you to earn a decent amount of money by increasing likes and views on your video. Having a lot of likes will help you to earn a decent amount of money. You can easily enable the monetization feature by following the steps.

  1. Sign into your YouTube account if you want to monetize
  2. Click on the icon of your YouTube channel in the upper right corner
  3. Click on YouTube studio, or you can also download the YouTube studio application
  4. You will see the monetization option on the left menu
  5. Read the agreement and partner policy of monetization
  6. Create an AdSense account for your channel
  7. Set up your monetization preference

It seems to be an easy process, but it is not. YouTube have a policy that you must complete their terms and condition before starting your channel to earn something. You must prove yourself by getting 4000 views on your channel and 1000 subscribers in one year. You need to fulfil this policy or demand if you want to earn something from YouTube.

Selling products or merchandise.

You can also sell products to your audience through YouTube channels, such as T-shirts, bags, coffee mugs and many more things. Selling attractive products by adding your website to your channel might also help you to buy YouTube views organically. Moreover, if your product is good enough and satisfies your viewers’ demand, you can earn a decent amount of money by selling your products.

There are many contents creator who does sell their products to make extra money from this platform. However, this social media platform does not charge any extra money for you to add your merchandise and products through the YouTube channel.

Crowdfunding your next creative project

If you are suffering from less money, but the creativity of your level is good enough, you cannot spend money on the project because you don’t have enough to spend. Instead, you can ask your audience and make a trailer before giving a full video and asking them to contribute to this project.

If your audience loves your project, they will help you and start funding you until you get full money to make your idea work. Many successful content creators often make a trailer before giving full videos and asking their audience for a few donations; it will help them to earn money, and people also get excited about the new video through these practices.

Super chat

While playing games online, you can stream them to your YouTube channel, and many gamers receive super chats from their viewers from time to time. You can also add your account for super chat. Many people give super chats to their favourite gamers to get a shout-out.

It is a good source of income by giving time to your viewer. Soul mortal is a famous player worldwide because of his tactics and gameplay. In an unknown player battleground, people worldwide donate their money to get a shout-out from him. He’s earning a good amount of money with the help of the super chat feature.

YouTube is a source of knowledge and everything a person names because it is the second most used search engine after Google. People can easily find any content they want on this platform. YouTube even added some new features, such as YouTube premium, which can help you to make extra money by giving membership to your viewers.

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