Benefits of Salah in islam


For Muslim females and males, the idea of SALAH (also known as Namaz (the Islamic Prayer) could be attractive or could be an annoyance. Some are looking at the peace Salah provides, and there could be others who would like to learn more about the significance and efficacy of Salah.

The Solution to Any Problems

Allah is mentioned within the Quran:

“And seek help through patience and prayer. Indeed, it is a burden except for the humble.”

(Surah Al-Baqarah, 2:45)

The literal meaning for namaz means prayer, or prayer or. When Muslims prayer five times every day, they’re required to ask for supplication and praise Allah to acknowledge His supremacy. A Muslim will ensure that the day is designed around namaz and that no one is skipped or delayed due to a justification. If a person performs Salah, it’s to seek the blessings of Allah and to honor Him.

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Allah calls believers to seek assistance through Salah

There are too many things to do on an agenda that divine help and intervention is required at all times. Human beings are at risk and prone to malady and failure the previous verse is an important principle to hold to and follow. Allah calls believers to seek assistance through prayer and patience. These are the key to obtaining aid for any situation.

Although, delivering the best in Salah regularly can be a challenge. It is important that a Muslim will not stop trying and will not give up. 

They place their trust in Allah and is confident that Allah will keep His word when a servant makes a sincere request for His help. So, Salah becomes the solution to all problems even though it might not be in the way. We would like but it will be the solution we require. Start Your Quran for kids beginners course from Online Quran Live Professional Tutirs.

Leads to Bountiful Rewards

Alongside preventing the occurrence of evil deeds, cleansing sins, and offering a wealth solution, namaz is also a promise to the faithful with rewards. That are so incredible that anyone who has a sense of its essentials will not let it go. Namaz is the Prophet s.a.w. said:

“Were people to know the blessing of the call to prayer (azan) and standing in the first row (of congregational prayer), they would draw lots to secure these privileges. And were they to realise the reward of performing Salah early, they would race for it; and were they to know the merits of Salah after night prayer (Isya’) and the morning prayer (Subuh), they would attend to both even if they had to crawl.”

(Muttafaqun ‘Alayh)

In the hadith reward systems that are impossible are given to those who get up early for namaz and those who take part in the dawn and night prayers. They are rewards which are easily feasible. It is not a secret that there is a certain amount of difficulty to not miss on these benefits. But, it is not possible to claim that it is a difficult job to achieve these tasks. The benefits that the hadith offers are something everyone Muslim is able to strive for.

There are many other narratives of the Prophet s.w.t. Which describes the character of Man should they have known the advantages of Salah. A good example is:

“If Man knew that they would receive fine meat from attending the night prayer, they would definitely do so.”

(Sahih Al-Bukhari)

It is evident that the reward of Salah isn’t as shabby as the world’s pleasures. It is essential to be aware of the fact that when the reward is assured by Allah the reward are not to be taken lightly.

Salah is a Means to Attain Allah’s Love and Become Closer To Him

When a person performs Salah, they become more close to Allah by performing the actions that are required and Allah shows His love to the person. This is evident in a Hadith Qudsi, where Allah states:

 “And the most beloved thing with which My servant comes nearer to Me is what I have enjoined upon him (obligatory acts – Fardhu); and My servant keeps on coming closer to Me through performing the Nawafil (supererogatory acts – Sunnah) till I love him.”

 (Sahih Al-Bukhari)

In reality, it’s also the most close point between the Lord and his servant. It is also the closest point between a servant and his Lord. Prophet s.a.w. once stated:

“The nearest a servant comes to his Lord is when he is prostrating himself, so make abundant supplication (in this state).”

(Sahih Muslim)

Thus, Salah is the medium that connects the servant with his Lord. The Muslim is likely to feel uncomfortable when Salah is not being comple. If Allah has a special relationship with someone He grants His favor on that person. Allah loves families, it is certain that blessings will fall upon the family. If Allah is in love with a group or a society, its members will flourish and prosper.

Gain blessings from Salah

The importance and benefits of Salah are many. The Salah that we recognize as the foundation of Islam is not to be viewed as an obligation only. But a chance to gain blessings both in this life and in the future. From a societal perspective, Salah stands out as an event that brings all people to be together. 

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