Benefits of Live Chat for Customer Service Teams

Customer Service Teams

These days, a lot of people are talking about the customer experience (CX). If you want your brand to remain strong for the long term, you’ll want to ensure your customers enjoy a pleasant CX.

Fast Responses That Are Customer-Friendly

Throughout all interactions with your brand, your customers should feel valued and appreciated. Customer support is one of the most vital parts of the CX. Fast responses are crucial for best-practice support.

The faster you address customer questions and concerns, the better you’ll be able to maintain their loyalty. Immediate responses are generally highly valued by the public. Yet email can prove to be too slow for many customers. After years of email form letters and limited responsiveness, many people have grown leery of emailing companies.

At the same time, phone-based customer support can prove to be expensive or impractical. Unless you are able to invest a huge amount in phone support, your customers may face irritating wait times. Live chat presents a useful middle ground. If you want to satisfy more customers through your customer response team, investing in live chat support may be the best choice.

Additional Reasons Why Many Prefer Messaging To Live Phone Support

Customers can become frustrated during customer support calls. Sometimes, language barriers can create a problem during calls of this nature. It is not just customers who can become overheated. Even the best-trained support professionals may become impatient or defensive during support calls. By creating a bit of distance, live online chat can prevent misunderstandings and verbal clashes. At the same time, live chat ensures that customers receive rapid solutions.

Besides aiding greater customer satisfaction, live chat can make customer service personnel more productive. No wonder that so many major companies are adopting live chat for product support.

When your support staff utilizes online chat, you have access to an exact transcript of all customer communications. With these transcripts instantly available, you can easily make sure your staff is representing the culture and values of your organization. Even if you have sophisticated hiring and screening, accountability helps your staff maintain professionalism.

Live Chat and Text Analysis

Better yet, text chat provides you with a new way to analyze customer attitudes. Customer intelligence is always helpful when crafting a business strategy. Using modern text analysis software, you can analyze large amounts of text very quickly.

Powered by machine learning, text analysis solutions help you understand how customers view your brand. Arguably, text analysis is one of the most underrated tools in the modern management toolkit.

Live chat support seems to become more customer-friendly every year. Fifteen years ago, some might have seen an instant messaging platform as an impersonal communication channel. The current generation of consumers looks upon online messaging with great favor.

According to the experts at Podium, mobile messaging apps allow you to “communicate with your leads, customers, and teams from anywhere.” With the right platform for messaging and chatting, you can streamline your customer support and ensure quality control.

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