A Beautiful Promise Ring – What to Look For

A Beautiful Promise Ring

A promise ring is a beautiful and thoughtful gift perfect for those special moments you want to mark with your partner. Choosing the right promise ring and keeping it in memory of your special moments makes it more valuable. But choosing the perfect promise ring doesn’t have to be complicated.  Here are some tips on what to look for when choosing your future partner’s favorite piece of jewelry. 

What Is a Promise Ring?

A promise ring symbolizes your commitment. It’s a gift of love, not a gift of marriage. A promise ring is a way to show your loved ones that you want to commit and make them feel special. Promise rings symbolize the fact that you have feelings for someone, but they don’t necessarily mean you’re getting married tomorrow!

Are Engagement Rings and Promise Rings the Same?

Engagement rings and promise rings aren’t the same. Engagement rings are given when you propose to your partner. On the other hand, promise rings are given when you want to show your commitment to your partner. 

What Should a Promise Ring Look Like?

A promise ring represents your commitment and love, and there is no rule for a promise ring to look like. But it must be able to stand out from other rings in the jewelry box. You might be well aware of your partner’s ring collection; finding something different is best. 

If you find yourself searching for inspiration on what an ideal promise ring would look like, consider the tips we’ll discuss below.

Choose the Right Style for Your Partner

Choose the right size and setting. The best way to find a ring that fits perfectly is by referring to a ring size chart. Trying on different types of jewelry and checking out how it looks on you individually will help ensure that you get exactly what’s suitable for your partner!

Choose the Size

You certainly don’t want to be in a situation where the special promise ring doesn’t fit your partner’s finger. When measuring your partner’s ring size, ensure the body temperature is normal. A warm temperature makes the body swell, and a cold temperature causes the body to shrink. 

Now take a thin piece of paper or thread and place it near the knuckle. Do not hold it too tight or loose and mark the measurement with a pen or marker. Measure it using a ruler and refer to a ring size chart to find the right ring size.  Another way is by taking your partner’s ring, measuring its inner diameter with a ruler, and referring to a ring size chart. 

Choose the Band

The main focus should be the band. Selecting a band is where most people fail when designing their jewelry pieces! The metal band should be thick enough to see the inscriptions, but not that thick to be an obstruction. 

Also, the material should match the wearer’s activities. If they use their hands regularly, soft metals should be out of the picture. Metals that can survive wear and tear are good options in such cases. You can also buy a promise ring with a colored diamond stone. When buying a colored diamond stone, try to consider your partner’s favorite color. 

Choose the Metal

You can choose a ring in gold, silver, or platinum. Gold is the most common and expensive choice for engagement rings. Silver is less expensive than gold and more affordable for people with smaller budgets. 

It’s not uncommon for couples to buy their wedding bands made from silver. Platinum is considered a middle ground between these two; it’s both durable and affordable.

Choose the Style

When it comes to style, a lot of options are available depending on your preference. You can choose a ring that matches your partner’s personality, personal style, and taste. Or you could go with something more traditional or elegant.

If you’re looking for something unique that suits both your personalities and lifestyles, consider getting a promise ring made of platinum or silver instead of traditional materials like diamonds or gold-plated metals. These options are often less expensive than other types of metal jewelry but still sparkle just as brightly!

Consider Your Partner’s Style

What’s your partner’s style? Is it casual or formal? Do they prefer jewelry with diamonds or pearls? If you’re shopping for your partner, use this information to help you choose an ideal piece of jewelry that suits their personality and tastes.

For example, if your significant other has always been partial to wearing gold bands with colored gems (like yellow sapphires), then maybe choosing something similar is a good idea. Such promise rings are unique and never go out of style. Are they more into minimalist designs? Or do they like flashy items that draw attention? If so, go with something larger than average but still within the budget. 

Choose Your Ring Stones

When looking for a beautiful promise ring, you should consider the stones used in it. You want to choose stones that reflect your partner’s personality and make the ring unique. It’s also important to consider the price of these rings because they will likely be one-of-a-kind pieces that may cost more than other types of jewelry.

Another thing you should keep in mind when purchasing this type of piece is durability. If the promise ring will last through daily wear and tear, it needs some protection from scratches or regular cleaning, which could damage its beauty. Finally, if possible, see what stone sizes would look best by holding them up.

Research how much pressure each stone can withstand before being damaged by moisture or heat exposure. Also, ensure the stone has been treated with acid-free polish since many people prefer not to wear it. Acid-treated stones are known to leach chemicals into bodies over time, causing health problems. Make sure whatever material is used isn’t harmful to humans.

When and How to Gift a Promise Ring?

A promise ring is a thoughtful way to show your loved one that you want to commit. The best time to give a promise ring is when you are ready to commit. It should also be something you can afford and should fit in with your partner’s personality and style. If they’re into rock music and haven’t been wearing much jewelry lately, consider getting them some earrings or an anklet instead of another necklace or bracelet. This will help keep costs down while maintaining the element of surprise when she opens up that box on Christmas morning!

You can get any ring you want so long as it’s not made in the same style as the one worn by your significant other. You can choose from silver or gold plated rings for the metal band. For the stone, you can opt for lab created diamond rings, which are always popular. Some people prefer colored stones for a fancy look; others opt for white gold because it looks more elegant on their skin tone than a colored one!

If money isn’t an issue for either of you, then consider making it out of fancy materials to make it memorable. 


Agree or not, promise rings are an “old-school” romance type. Finding the right promise ring for your partner shouldn’t be hard now. Though considering your partner’s style, stone, metal & band type are a time-consuming process, it’s worth it in the end. Choose the suitable promise ring and take the next step in your relationship. 

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