4 Types of Air Conditioning Systems To get For Your House


The air conditioning system of any house plays a great role in managing the overall temperature of the whole house, irrespective of the season. With modern technology, there are many efficient systems in this domain that have been introduced in the market recently. 

Deciding on which temperature regulation system to go for is crucial at the time of the construction of your house. Because some of these systems require extensive construction work and will destroy the overall structure of any house if they are installed later. These extensive systems do not just manage the temperature of a single room. Instead, the temperature of the whole house becomes under the control of a single knob through these systems. 

We have combined a list of the best air conditioning systems for your house. Let’s dive into that list: 

Ducted System for Air Conditioning

The ducted air conditioning system was installed at the time of construction of the house. If installed later, you might have to rebuild the structure of your house to fit this system into your house.  This kind of temperature regulation has huge ducts spread throughout the house through which the hot or cold air travels. 

The ducts have vents at different places. There are openings in different rooms and places throughout the house. The conditioned air passes through those vents and opening areas all across the house, which eventually manages the temperature of that house. 

Split AC System

A split AC system is one the easiest air conditioning systems to install. It mostly has two units. One is termed as the outdoor unit, while the other one is termed as the indoor unit. The indoor unit is installed in the room that gets the conditioned air, while the outdoor unit is kept outside the house under the open sky. 

The outdoor unit produces unwanted noise and also releases warm air, which is why it is kept outside the house. The indoor unit releases some gasses and makes the temperature regulation of the room it is installed in. Moreover, it comes in various size options in accordance with the size of the room. 

HVAC systems

The air conditioning systems that cater to large areas and buildings, for instance, a number of apartments in the same building, fall under the responsibility of the Hvac contractor. They deal with all the big temperature regulation systems that are used in big buildings and corporate setups. 

Furthermore, they are more expensive compared to the regular split ac and other smaller conditioning systems. They are, however, not suitable to be used in smaller areas and places. 

Portable Air Conditioning Systems

Sometimes, you might not be in a financial state to have multiple air conditioning systems in individual rooms of your house. For this purpose, you can get a portable AC system that consists of a device of considerable size that can be placed in any room at the time of need. They also come in various sizes.


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