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Ibomma .com Movie

Planning to have a movie night with friends at home? But your online movie subscription is not up to date. Don’t worry i bomma is here to save you from changing your course of plans. i bomma is a website that offers you to download movies for free. That’s right, you read it correctly.  

This is a review article of the website i bomma. Read along to know more about the website. 

What is i bomma? 

i bomma is a torrent website that features all the latest movies whether it is Hollywood, Bollywood or Telugu movies, everything is available on ibomma to download for free.  

Although the services this site provides are illegal, it is a very popular site for movie fans and enthusiasts. The website is operated from different servers from unidentified places so that the risk of it being banned and discontinued would be less.  

Bomma movies let the user download any movie on the server for free using a torrent file. The videos and movies on this site are illegally leaked from the source and are made available to the user to download and enjoy. 

Unlimited Movies on i bomma

It is fairly easy to download unlimited movies from i bomma, as this website allows its users to download unlimited torrent files of movies and videos. The website constantly keeps changing its domain because of the piracy restriction. 

You can download any movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, Telugu, Malayalam and Punjabi for free. Besides all genres of movies are also available. So, if you want to scare your friends on a movie night, download some horror movies and let them scream with fear. 

Some genres included are Horror, Thriller, Romance, Action, Comedy, Animation, Drama and many more.  

Other Features on ibomma

This website is specially targeted for the audience from the Asian continent and mostly all the movies are also available in the native languages of this region. For instance, a Hollywood movie is translated and dubbed in various languages for easy reach and understanding of the people. 

Features of this website are listed below: 

  • The torrent website i bomma allows users to download movies for free 
  • Unlimited movies can be downloaded 
  • It offers dubbed versions of almost all the movies 
  • The most outstanding feature of this website is that it offers live streaming of the movies which means you don’t have to wait for the movie to get downloaded and start right away with the streaming of the movie 
  • Besides having a long list of downloadable movies, this site also has a vast collection of videos, web series, cartoons etc. 
  • Ibomma also allows users to download songs of the best quality for free 

These features of this website have served its users for many years and it has been a constant favorite.  

For movie lovers and fans to download free movies without much hassle and effort. 

Are ibomma movies Safe? 

Are ibomma movies safe? The answer to this question is no. The website deals with illegal leaks of paid content that falls into piracy, which makes this site the hub of piracy and pirated content. 

Mostly all torrent websites are involved in illegal leaks of contents and it should be avoided at any cost. Sharing and downloading pirated content is a legal offence and should be turned down.  

Each country and region have its own rules against cyber-crime and piracy so the users must make sure to read the cyber laws of their country and be aware of the consequences before getting involved in any way with these types of sites. 

As the website is constantly changing domains here are some names of this website: 

  • ibomma.org 
  • ibomma.in 
  • ibomma.com 
  • ibomma.info 
  • Ww3.ibomma.org 


Ibomma or I bomma is a torrent website that allows you to download movies and other visual content for free. Although the service the website is providing (pirated and leaked contents) is illegal but this website is very popular among the movie lovers and fans.  

To download movies for free from i bomma, you just have to download the torrent file of the particular movie or video and you are good to go. The website has very positive reviews online about its services and its quick update of every new movie.

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