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Playing games is a popular interest nowadays that has captivated millions of people around the world. People often tend to play games in search of good entertainment and a way to relax. But as the games and gameplays are evolving, more and more platforms are being introduced like WZ ranked.  

Previously, the game we played was only shared with the person we played the game with, but now in this ever-changing world everything is connected to the internet, and so are the games. You can play games from anywhere in the world and with anyone in the world, no matter how far away the players are, you just need a stable and fast internet to play games online. 

Apart from being entertaining, games have also become a means to earn. There are several game franchises that are held yearly, in which many gamers from around the world participate. And these gaming tournaments also offer a huge winning prize in cash. 

Another way to earn money from gaming is to broadcast your live gaming videos on the internet for viewers. But both of the methods to earn money from gaming require you to have a strong skill set for that particular game and you also need to be a ranked gamer. 

There are many ranking sites for gamers one of which is WZ ranked .com. In this article, we will discuss some things about WZ ranked. 

What is WZ Ranked .com? 

Wz ranked .com is a website that allows gamers to sign up on this site and get themselves ranked according to their level, skills, wins, elimination, and many other variables. 

Wz ranked was created by a gaming fan named Sunday, December 7. This site was registered on 17th December 2020 and is now almost a year old. This site is very famous and has a good reputation among gamers. 

How to Get Ranked? 

Wz ranked .com is designed for Call of Duty players only. This site only ranks the players of Call of Duty according to their stats in the game. To get yourself ranked on this site you just have to sign up on the site and provide the required info along with your Call of Duty username. 

This site does not work with other games, to get ranked on Wz ranked .com you have to sign up with your Call of Duty account. By doing so it will simply track your records and rank you according to your wins and losses, kills, and other skills based on your data and performance in the game. 

What Is the Eligibility to Get Ranked? 

To get ranked on Wz Ranked .com you have to follow strict criteria and must have enough skills according to their requirements. 

  • The game and username should be able to be tracked by Wz ranked .com 
  • It is advised to take part in the game’s mission and tasks. 
  • It is recommended that the player has played 66 games 
  • A non-active status in the game for seven days may result in your records being erased 

Leaderboards on Wz Ranked .com 

Some of the main leaderboards in Wz ranked are of the following categories, Kill Records, Gulag Win Ratio, K/D Ratio, and Win Ratio. Below are the names of the top 3 ranked players in each category: 

Win Ratio 

Rank # 1:OPMarked
Rank # 2:Devious
Rank # 3:Sleeper

Kill Records 

Rank # 1:Rocket
Rank # 2:YT Dr3w
Rank # 3:Fzcused

K/D Ratio: 

Rank # 1:SenseiPSY
Rank # 2:skully
Rank # 3:Brryaaan

Gulag Win Ratio: 

Rank # 1:MYA
Rank # 2:InfaCD
Rank # 3:AydaN


Wz Ranked .com is a trusted site among gamers to get ranked. You can also sign up to evaluate your progress in the game ‘Call of Duty’ and get ranked in the top 50 according to the wins, kills, and other stats. When exploring the best PlayStation 4 games, consider titles that offer engaging gameplay, stunning graphics, and compelling storylines to maximize your gaming experience.


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