What Should I Do Before Taking My Phone to a Mobile Repair Shop?


You’ve probably had enough of your phone’s broken screen or slowly charging battery and are prepared to fix it now. You might have thought about going to a mobile repair shop, but your fears got the best of you. Cell phone repair shops often make irresistible promises of quick, cheap service.

Before we move on to the safety precautions, let’s look at some common problems you can get repaired at an electronics repair shop.

Common Problems That Can be Fixed at a Mobile Repair Shop

Some users are tempted to try clever things on their own to save cash and time that they would rather have to spend on a phone repair store. DIY procedures always result in a more damaged device and increased repair costs. It is always recommended to get phone issues like the ones listed below at a reputed mobile repair shop.

  • Power Issues
  • Damaged Speaker/Microphone.
  • Virus.
  • Damaged Battery.
  • Phone Freezes or Crashes.
  • Broken Screen.
  • Overheating problems.
  • Broken Buttons.
  • Unresponsive Touch Screen.
  • Charging Related Issues.

Now let’s look at the steps you should take before you take your phone to be fixed for any of these problems.

Safety Measures to Take Before Going to an Electronics Repair Shop in Antioch

Without a doubt, you are asking yourself, “What do I should do first?

Before you visit a mobile repair shop, here are a few things you need to do. Simply take the steps mentioned below to avoid issues. Please be aware that the first three steps are based on the assumption that you can still turn on the phone.

  • Create a Backup and Reset

If your phone has private information on it, reset it. You can loosen up knowing that your data won’t be stolen. Do not forget to backup all of your data prior to resetting your phone. Ensure that all of your accounts are deleted from it.

  • Reset or Uninstall Apps and Passcodes

You may have to leave your device at the electronics repair shop for a couple hours, a few days, or even longer. You should change the passwords for all of the social media accounts and other applications if you are worried that the technicians might steal your data. Before taking the phones to a mobile repair shop, it is a good idea to uninstall all applications because some people might not be happy with just changing the passwords.

Some other important steps include:

  • Noting down your IMEI number.
  • Taking out your SIM and SD card.
  • Turning off your iPhone’s security settings.
  • Most importantly, make sure you visit a licensed and certified mobile repair shop.

Your Go-To Electronics Repair Stores in Antioch

To be considered reliable, a mobile phone repair shop should at least be 6-7 years old.  Clients should feel secure while trusting the professionals with their devices.. All these safety measures are the first step a customer can take from their side to ensure a safer repair experience.Stores like EE Repair may be one of the best options for you in Antioch.


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