Trending White Shorts for Women You’ll See All Next Summer

Trending White Shorts

If you want an exquisite summery look that won’t fail, lining up your warm-weather wardrobe with white shorts will do the trick. These classic beauties give a sophisticated flair and add a more formal touch to your summer outfits. Yet, white shorts exude an uber-breezy vibe jam-packed with confidence, practicality, and chicness factor.

There’s no more exhilarating feeling than ditching hefty winter coats, sweaters, and bulky knitwear for lightweight and airy women’s tops and bottoms. Talking of bottoms, white shorts for women are usually classic, comfy, and flattering in their style.

Quick Guide to Shopping for Trendy White Shorts for Summer

When shopping for trendy white shorts for the warm weather, you may want to opt for something tailored for formal occasions or a more casual pair that’ll take you everywhere. But, of course, women’s clothing styles have changed a bit in the post-pandemic era, most notably the unsurprising shift toward casual comfort, a trend that has also affected shorts.

Even so, you won’t be hard-pressed to find white shorts that suit your personality and budget. Regardless of your body shape and size, from tall to petite and slim to plus, there’s something for everyone. However, it pays to keep a few things in mind to score the best pair.

The Fabric Factor

As with other women’s clothing, woven white shorts from various fashion- and comfort-forward fabrics, including polyester, linen, cotton, denim, faux leather, and even bamboo, the material blend plays a significant role in determining whether the pair is more casual or formal.

For instance, white linen shorts lean toward the casual end of the spectrum. Team your formal-looking white shorts with a polo or a button-down shirt. The two items go perfectly well together, helping you pull off a workplace-friendly outfit in next to no time.

On the other hand, denim and leather shorts often fall on the more casual side of things. These casual pieces look amazing when paired with trendy tops and simple tees. Meanwhile, you’d better stick to cotton shorts if the occasion calls for anything in between.

Pick the Right Length

When the sun comes to play in summer, it can be tricky to balance staying cool and comfortable and keeping things stylish. For example, if you need to be more careful when shopping and styling your shorts, they can be too tight and short or too loose and long for your liking. That’s why it is essential to focus on the lengths and styles of shorts you’ll feel most stylish and comfortable wearing.

Today’s women’s shorts range from as short as 3″ to as long as 12″. Of course, every woman has her own style preference, which works with white shorts, as they come in various lengths. The good news is that most shorts’ lengths, including the classic Capri, the knee-length, and the seven-inch, marry well with most summer tops. Plus, the curvy and standard fits are poised to make you feel attractive and confident no matter the occasion or length.

The rule of thumb is to go for the most flattering and stylish inseam length: the seven-inch. Shorts of this standard length often hit the sweet spot, revealing just-enough skin while keeping you comfy. Typically reserved for golfing, rough hiking trails, and other non-Resort, off-the-beaten-path activities, including Capri white shorts.

With fashionable white shorts coming in various styles to suit different levels of formality and occasions, you may not have to worry about the length. From athletic-inspired pairs and short shorts to Bermudas, there’s a nice pair to fit your summer plans.

Think about Your Body Type

When picking white shorts, it’s crucial to consider your body type.  For example, a pear-shaped body should focus on shorts that flow away from your hips and fit at the waist. However, if you have an hourglass shape, go for shorts that flatter your curves and cinch at the waist instead of flaring out. Remember your torso length, too.

Which Style of White Women’s Shorts is Right for You?

Off the back of the above nuggets of information, here are trendy styles of white shorts you should consider adding to your summer wardrobe. Remember, there are no hard and fast rules regarding women’s shorts – stick to whatever works best for you!

– White linen shorts

As noted, linen shorts bring a formal charm into your wardrobe. The breezy, cool fabric is ready-made for summer and shines brightest in white. Although it might be prone to wrinkling, try something with a stretchy material blended into the material of the shorts – perhaps spandex. These pieces look dashing when paired with a matching linen tee, espadrilles, or summery sandals.

– Paper-bag shorts

The baggy, loose-fitting paper-bag shorts also look incredible in white, and they’ve been gaining immense traction recently. These high-waisted beauties typically feature a built-in tie that looks gorgeous when fastened. For this reason, we recommended wearing paper-bag shorts with a cropped top or tucked-in shirt to balance out the cinched waist.

– White chino shorts

There’s a lot to love about white chino shorts. Well, they’re white, so what’s not to like? In addition, chinos usually come with a touch of a stretch from woven from a stretchy cotton blend. The breezy design and additional ease combined with stretchy fabric make chino shorts great for comfort during summer.

When styling white chino shorts, you won’t go wrong with a t-shirt, cropped top, or even a fitted/tailored blouse. If you love to balance your white bottoms with a splash of color, use this opportunity to bring out your most colorful tops.

– White denim shorts

The classic white denim shorts look heavenly with almost anything, from a simple graphic tee to dress shirts to a sexy bralette with sapphire earrings. Make sure your denim piece comes in a wash, length, and details that fit your style. If you hate the stiffness of denim, choose a pair with a bit of spandex for stretch.


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