Tips On Buying an Engagement Ring Without Her Knowing


Choosing to get engaged is beautiful. The trick, however, is how to buy the engagement ring without your future bride knowing. Thankfully, we’ve got all the information you’ll ever need to get the information you need to surprise her without her suspecting anything. Remember, choosing engagement rings doesn’t have to be complicated. It just takes a little finessing first. 

Does She Use Social Media And Picture Boards?

When you’re thinking of proposing and trying to find the best engagement rings possible, you can sneak by using social media and picture boards. Picture boards used to be considered a thing for mothers, but now everyone uses them. As a result, you can stealthily look at your intended social media or board to see if she has anything up to about engagement rings. If she does, you can see the color and the stone that she likes and find her size.

This is the best way to propose a complete surprise. Over fifty percent of women have been shown to consider what they want as far as a proposal before they’re even in a relationship. That means the odds are much more in your favor for creating a proposal that she’ll remember.

One warning you should be aware of, however, is that many women like to take their picture boards hidden so that only they can see them. Unfortunately for you, that includes keeping them private from friends. If that’s the case, you’re stuck to her social media accounts unless you can ask a friend of hers if they have access to the board so you can see it.

Does She Hate Surprises?

This is another vital thing to consider because a surprise proposal might not go over so well if she’s not a woman who enjoys a surprise. For example, if you’re intended to have anxiety, planning a big surprise party or proposing to her in public probably wouldn’t be the best idea. That is because she would feel overwhelmed and blindsided. That changes the proposal from being sweet to a moment that fills her with worries. 

If, however, she’s the type of person who enjoys surprises and the rush that comes with not knowing what’s going to happen next, this can be an incredibly thoughtful and sweet gesture. It depends upon the type of person she is and her personality. If you do surprise her, one tip to consider is that you shouldn’t stress yourself because you might give yourself away early.

Pay Special Attention, And You’ll Discover What Engagement Rings She Wants

By paying attention to what your loved one says and the jewelry she already wears, you can find what type of engagement rings your future bride would want. Women typically have strong opinions on silver, gold, or other materials, but in particular, you’ll find that a woman usually wears rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold.

Your next question will be to consider if her jewelry is more petite and more dainty or if it is significant and bold? Jewelry has a very particular way of letting women express themselves, and as a result, the jewelry will reflect their personality. For example, if your future fiancé is feminine and traditional, her jewelry might be classic gold, and the stones might be small and elegant. If she’s quirky, then you might find that her jewelry is more extensive and that it’s brasher with a variety of different colors. 

The way that she dresses will also play a part. If she’s into vintage looks, she would probably prefer a classic ring from the 1920s or another option from an era in the past because it has a unique history.

However, if she’s modern and has a trendy sense of style, she would probably like something a little more this century. Paying attention to these subtle yet meaningful clues will help you create the best proposal and find the best ring possible because you already have a sense of what she loves. Remember, everything can be a clue.

When In Doubt, Find Someone Close To Her That You Can Trust

Well, this option may seem obvious, but many men don’t think to ask their girlfriend’s friends what she likes. The truth, though, is that this can be a significant indicator of choosing the proper engagement ring.

Remember, though, you can only do this if you can trust her friends and family to keep it a secret. If you know, they’ll tell her this is an option that won’t work. Usually, when a woman is in a relationship and she’s thinking about marriage, she’ll talk to her friends or closest family about it, and they’ll usually discuss what type of ring she’d like.

As a result, her best friend or her sister is probably waiting to give you the hints you need so that you can give her a ring that she would love. You still have an option if your girlfriend hasn’t shared anything with her family or friends. The person you have chosen to trust can bring it up naturally in a conversation without tipping off your girlfriend. That means you still have the element of surprise. Choose this person carefully; however, if you think they won’t keep your secret, you may have to find someone you think can. No woman likes to know right before the proposal that it will happen.

Get Ready To Propose

Now you can get ready to propose! Using the hints and the best information from the list we’ve provided you with, you can see the best way to determine how you want to find your engagement rings without letting your girlfriend suspect a thing. Use everything you can at your disposal. Remember, how she dresses and her personality can give you unique clues on finding the best engagement rings possible. Another constructive tip we can give you is to find the size to ensure that the proposal goes as smoothly as you want it to.


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