Three Most Common Plumber Scams You Should


We come around plumbers more than any other professional. This is because pipes and plumbing issues are common and don’t usually require a big investment. Most people try to solve these issues themselves, and many of them actually succeed. It’s, however, recommended that you always call a professional. 

They will be able to thoroughly evaluate the problem and solve issues that you might not even know existed in the first place. That said, you will need a reliable plumber who will not try to scam you. While this doesn’t happen to everybody, and very few people in this profession are scammers, there are a few things you need to look out for. 

This article has discussed some of the most common scams unethical plumbers try to pull and how you can avoid them. 

Not Giving a Quote

Scammers tend to avoid giving a rate before they have reached your doorstep. Once they are in the house and have opened a few things, you will feel pressured to pay them what they want. If you don’t agree, you will have to pay for their visit and inspection. 

They are not wrong if they say that they can’t give an exact rate without seeing the issue with their own eyes. However, they can give a rough estimation if you have explained the issue properly. Discuss how much they would charge for pipeline inspection and then call them to your house. 

Destroying the Floor or Walls for Inspection

If there is an issue somewhere inside the pipes, it can be hard to trace it. In the old days, plumbers had to follow their guesses and break the floor and cut pipes to check the issue from the inside. Many people still follow that practice. They do that to charge extra for the destruction and construction of the floor. 

You will have to pay for their extra service and for the material, and your floor or wall will never be the same again. Make sure you only hire a service provider that can do camera inspections. They will put the camera in the pipeline that might be causing the issue and view it on the screen. After that, they will likely open the nearest gutter point to reach the problematic area and solve the problem without destroying anything. 

A Full Team Shows Up

Several people have shared that a team of three to four plumbers showed up at their doorstep when they called for a problem. If it’s a big problem that requires the effort of hours, so many people make sense. However, plumbing tasks are usually a one-person job. 

They come with a team and try to show the problem is bigger than it is. Even if the problem is not as big, you might be required to pay for the time of all those people whether they did anything or not. Such people also lie about the real problem to make as much money off you as possible, and their rates vary for areas that are considered rich.


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