Sxx Volvo Xc90 Price In India

Sxx Volvo Xc90

Volvo is a Swedish manufacturer company of luxury vehicles. This company, previously known as AB Volvo has designed a number of heavy vehicles like buses, trucks, and construction equipment.

The headquarters of Volvo is in Gothenburg, Sweden which was founded on April 14, 1927. This company has grown since and has recently launched a new model of the previously famous SUV, Volvo XC90. 

The sxx Volvo xc90 has a much evolved and advanced design by the prior generations of the model. In this article, we will learn about the model and design of this car and the sxx Volvo xc90 price in India. 

History Of Volvo 

The vehicle manufacturing company was founded in 1927 in Gothenburg, Sweden. The first design of this company was Volvo Ov 4 which was a car with an open carriage design. Which was the only design they created with an open top.

To withstand the average Swedish climate, the company decided to design cars with closed tops. 

The company has since designed and manufactured cars that are safe and comfortable and safe on the road has always been the company’s priority.  

sxx volvo xc90

The sxx Volvo xc90 is a mid-sized luxury Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) that was first launched in 2002. The second generation of the model was launched in 2014 which was named as Volvo XC90 II and it replaced the previous version of the model. 

Recently Volvo launched yet another generation of the model Volvo XC90. This generation of the model is much better looking than its previous generations. The design of the SUV is both sophisticated and futuristic.  

Structure of sxx volvo xc90

The body of the sxx Volvo xc90 is carefully designed with a touch of chrome on the front, sides, and back. The headlights are lined with LED lights and designed with inspiration from the Marvel Comic superhero Thor’s hammer.  

By the center of the front, you can see a large chrome-plated grille that is a trademark for the company, and the logo of Volvo is also located on this grille. The chrome-plated elements used sparingly on the body of this car take all the credit for intensifying the beauty of this model.  

The size of the sxx Volvo xc90 measures up to 4950 mm in length, 2008 in width, and 1776mm in height. The wheelbase measures around 2984mm. The xx Volvo xc90 features 20-inch multi-spoke alloy wheels.  

The SUV comes with a default 4-seater option but can be customized and seat up to 7 people. It is a 5-door beautifully designed SUV that comes in various color schemes. The colors in which this car is available are: 

  • Ice White 
  • Savile Grey  
  • Bright Silver 
  • Onyx Black 
  • Denim Blue 
  • Thunder Grey 
  • Crystal White 

If you are planning to buy sxx Volvo xc90, you can choose the color of your car from these beautiful and elegant color schemes. Now let’s talk about the sxx Volvo xc90 price in India. 

sxx volvo xc90 price

The Sxx Volvo xc90 comes with a starting price of $49,695 which in Indian Rupees would be around Rs71,97,000. This is the starting basic price of the car and it peaks up to Rs1,27,50,000 according to the special creative functions and different variants of the model. 

This luxury car can also have some customizable features like several seats, dashboard panels, etc. 


Volvo Cars have recently launched the sxx volvo xc90. This new design of SUV is the third generation of the same model. The new generation of the six Volvo xc90 is proven to be much better looking, comfortable, and loaded with new features. Art design and technology came together to design this beautiful, sleek, and futuristic-looking car.  

The 2.0-litre D5 engine exceeds Indian road requirements. The drive and handling of the car are pretty decent on the road. sxx Volvo xc90 runs on an engine of 1969 cc and gives a mileage of 17.2 to 46.0 kilometers per liter.


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