Smihub Com: A Best Instagram Story Viewer

Smihub Com

You must have heard about many apps and website that allows its users to gain an unlimited number of followers on Instagram.

Today we are going to discuss a similar type of website that lets users view other users’ stories, posts, and followers anonymously. SMIhub is a website that allows incognito mode access to its user to any Instagram account.  

Instagram has been around since 2010 and has been one of the most entertaining and useful social media websites. Since its launch, Instagram has developed many new features and designs.

People consider Instagram the best platform to gain quick fame and popularity. Besides of getting famous through Instagram, many people run their businesses on Instagram, earning a steady income. 

One of the very famous and sometimes annoying features of Instagram is that the identity of the user is disclosed in front of the other user who shares the story and feed.

This feature is sometimes not liked by many Instagram users. Because some users like to maintain their anonymity in front of other users and secretly browse Instagram profiles. 

This matter can be taken care of by using SMIhub that allows its users to anonymously visit any account or view any story. Using this website to browse Instagram, the user can anonymously browse through feeds, reels, posts, and stories of any other user. 

What is SMIhub? 

SMIhub is also known as Dumpor, is a website that allows its users to freely use Instagram without disclosing their identity to anyone.

When browsing Instagram through this website your identity is anonymous to everyone and you can browse anything whether stories, posts, account profiles without tracing the search back to your Instagram account. 

This tool is free and very easy to use, which is one of the reasons people choose it. With Smihub, you can see photos, profiles, videos, and roles, and users can download content to your device.

The tool also provides the ability to search for videos using hashtags. That is why it is a great option to anonymously follow or stalk any user on Instagram. 

Features of SMIhub 

SMIhub is a fame-gaining website that has helped numerous people to browse Instagram without worry. Here are some main features of the website SMIhub Instagram, SMIhub com

  • SMIhub allows users to browse Instagram stories, reels and posts anonymously 
  • The website also gives access to the user to check other users profile and post likes without sharing their own identity 
  • This website is specially designed to work with Instagram and you can use all the features of Instagram through this website in incognito mode 
  • You are even free to download any content from any user account through this website 

How to Use 

To use this website to anonymously browse and download Instagram content you just have to follow these simple steps: 

  • Open your browser and put the URL in the search bar 
  • Open the website SMIhub or Dumpor 
  • After opening the website copy the user’s profile link that you want to browse 
  • Paste it on the URL space that appears when you click the three dots on the upper right corner 
  • Now you are free to browse the account whose URL link you have provided 
  • To download the content simply click on the download button available near every post 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Is SmiHub anonymous? 

Yes, SMIhub allows users to view and browse Instagram anonymously. This website is completely free to use. The great interface of this website ensures that the users are entertained and never bored. This website even lets the user download content from Instagram accounts. 

  •  Who viewed my insta profile? 

Instagram doesn’t allow users to see who is looking at their profile. So, if you look at someone’s profile and don’t like or comment on the post, they have no way of knowing who is looking at the photo. 

  • How can I view a story anonymously? 

Using a website like SMIhub. Com you can view stories anonymously. SMIhub allows its users to view and browse stories, reels, and posts on Instagram in Incognito mode. 


Choose SMIhub if you want to receive and gather information about any users, or if you want to download any videos, photos from other users without revealing and disclosing your identity.  

It is one of the simplest tools with all the features you need to view or track another user on Instagram. There aren’t many negative reviews about SMIhub, but it’s wise to avoid such stalking tools to steer clear of any inconveniences in the future.


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