Picuki Review: An Instagram Editor & Viewer Website

Picuki Review

Having a presence on social media platforms is a normal thing to do. People usually follow their friends and acquaintances on these platforms to know about their lives and involvements. 

Most people like to share their experiences and achieve milestones on their accounts on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Often followed by their friends and acquaintances, these accounts are under constant watch and scrutiny. 

A feature in Instagram makes it possible for the account holder to see who has seen and viewed their post. Sometimes this feature is not liked by people who want to remain hidden and incognito. To help them steer clear of this feature of Instagram, Picuki.com is here to save the day. 

What is Picuki? 

Picuki is a website that allows you to use all the features of Instagram while staying hidden. This website is very famous for people stalking someone on Instagram. Picuki Instagram works just like Instagram, you can browse your profile, edit, post photos, browse your friend’s profile, and many more features of Instagram

This website is fairly new and has been registered on 21st November 2021. This site has recently become famous among the users of Instagram.

This website has made it easy to edit, post, and browse different profiles and you can also use the features of tag and location. Apart from providing all the features of Instagram, this site is also free to use for an unlimited amount of time. 

The user of this website can also search for certain tags like #happy, # jewelry, and #nature and will get to browse through all the posts under that particular tag. 

The hosting server of Picuki .com is AS14061 DigitalOcean, LLC and the location Portal of the server is Clifton, New Jersey, United States. Although the server of this website was created in the United States, this website is gaining popularity around the world, especially in France. 

How to Use Picuki .com? 

To use Picuki you can either use your mobile phone or your computer. First, open your desired browser on your mobile phone or computer and then write the address http://Picuki.com on the search bar and click enter. Now that you have opened the site, you can browse your Instagram profile by logging into your account with the required details. 

Follow these steps as a guide to browse Instagram safely without getting noticed for your views: 

  • Open the browser and enter the address http://Picuki.com on the search bar 
  • Fill out the username and password of the desired account you want to open 
  • Now that the profile is open, you can browse freely in your friend’s profile without getting noticed 
  • You can search for any tag and the search will fetch all the posts under that particular tag 
  • You can browse, edit, and post in the timeline of the logged-in profile 

Is Picuki a Scam or Not? 

There are several mixed reviews about this website. Some reviews say that it is simply a website with options to view and edit Instagram profiles. Some on the other hand say that the website is a total scam and does nothing to hide your identity.  

If you ever come across this site and have used its features, then share your experience about this site with us.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What is the Picuki website? 

Picuki is a website that offers to simply view, edit, and browse Instagram profiles. This website also allows users to remain hidden while browsing their friends’ profiles, stories, locations, and feeds. This website is free to use for an unlimited amount of time and is quickly gaining popularity. 

  • Does Instagram Private Profile Viewer work? 

Some several apps and websites work as Instagram Private Profile Viewers. These websites allow users to remain hidden and browse posts, profiles, and stories in incognito mode. 

  • Can you block someone on Picuki? 

It is very easy to block someone from viewing your feed and stories. Using the Picuki website go to the profile you want to block, then click on the three dots at the upper right corner of the screen and click on the block. Now the person you blocked cannot see your feeds and stories and the fact that he/she is blocked will also not be visible. 


Picuki Instagram has a mixed list of reviews on the internet, some claiming it to be working wonders by keeping their Instagram views hidden, and some talk about this site negatively by calling it a scam and illegal. 

It is legal to use Picuki anonymously, but still, some features they offer are under the radar of scrutiny by labeling it as a scam. This site has offered simple features as a viewer and editor of Instagram and plans to continue to do so. 

Hope this review has helped you understand some basic features Picuki offers and how it has become one of the most popular sites in France. 


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