Newcastle’s Phone Repair Shops Reveal Bad Habits That Damage Your Mobile

Phone Repair Shops

Modern mobile phones rapidly get outdated. By the time your phone is ready for an upgrade, a new edition will have already hit the shelves. How can one keep their phone up to date for longer without buying each brand-new model? There is a significant chance that your own poor habits are gradually damaging your phone, regardless of whether you believe that “planned obsolescence” is a good thing. According to repair specialists at Newcastle’s phone repair shops, there are some things you should avoid.

Here are several behaviors you may have that could badly damage your smartphone. Let’s have a look!

Using Low-Priced Cables 

The use of poor charging power cables from unfamiliar companies is one of the most simple methods to harm your device. One example is using the basic USB cords you paid $1 for at the corner store. Most of these cables risk electrocution and fire while also irreversibly damaging your phone. Purchasing chargers from a reliable vendor are preferable to these temporary fixes.

When you have strong cables, treat them with care. They carry a fire risk themselves if they are misused, which can cause internal wires to tear.  Prevent your cables from getting forced out of the socket by the cord, and stop wrapping them so tightly.

Not Having a Phone Cover

How many individuals do you know who may have cracked or damaged screens? Everyone thinks they won’t experience this until it happens. Even though a caseless phone may seem better, the risk is just not worth it since even little breaks and cracks can weaken the structural integrity and raise the possibility of significant damage. Minor dents and breakage like these can also devalue the device when you wish to sell it in the future.

Always keep the phone protected with a sturdy case! Professionals from well-known phone repair shops suggest a strong screen protector and a good case with a “lip” all the way around the edge. If you do not want to put on a case, Simply be ready to pay for the costs if you are a good candidate for any insurance plan since these incidents happen more often than you think, such as every year.

Draining the Battery Completely Before Recharge

A phone’s maximum battery life will not remain the same after many years because batteries deteriorate with time. While these circumstances cannot be avoided, unhealthy practices might accelerate cell death by hastening battery degeneration. Instead of frequently draining your phone to 0%, you should drain it slowly regularly and recharge it before running out of juice.

No Security

Too many people are willing to compromise security in exchange for temporary satisfaction. As an example, consider software updates. Although they can seem irrelevant and annoying, those “security” updates that appear on your mobile phone can actually protect it from malware, viruses, and other serious issues. Don’t hold them up. Make sure your applications are updated as well, as many frequently contain similar bug fixes and security enhancements that keep you protected.

Installing trustworthy antivirus software on your smartphone is advised by repair specialists from Newcastle’s phone repair shops.

Exposure to Water

Contrary to what some advertising may suggest, there isn’t such a thing as a really “waterproof” smartphone. There is always a chance that water will seep inside devices, even if some are more water-resistant than others. Additionally, the amount of water your phone is subjected to will affect how water-resistant it is. Regardless of whether it has an IP67 or IP68 classification, use your electronics cautiously when near water. Although it’s possible that your phone won’t be damaged right away, by leaving it exposed for a prolonged period, you run the risk of ruining it.

Visit a Phone Repair Shop in Newcastle, Oklahoma

Hopefully, you are now aware of the daily behaviors that could damage your smartphone. Don’t freak out if your smartphone is damaged for any of these reasons!  Don’t panic just yet! Take your cell phone to the nearby phone repair shop in Newcastle. Fortunately, Newcastle, Oklahoma, is the center of the cell phone repair sector. Many trustworthy phone repair shops are operating here, like Nano Repair!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my data safe from a cell phone repair shop?

Your data doesn’t need to be accessed or stolen by the repair technicians. Don’t worry if you’ve taken every precaution for security. Your consent will be required if the repair personnel have to unlock your phone after repairs.

Can I repair my damaged phone?

Attempting repairs on your own is not advised, as this involves expertise, specialized training, and equipment that the average person does not have. DIY fixes may worsen the condition of your broken phone, and you may need to replace your phone.

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