New marketing trends that you cannot miss in 2022


Will people want to go back to normal or will they continue the digital habits they developed over the past year? There is no single answer, but brands must be attentive to all the clues to decipher the needs of their customers. Let’s see some examples of trends that will continue to set the strategies that your marketing team implements: 

Videos will continue to gain ground 

Video has become the most important content for marketing teams and the one that is most preferred by users. 91% of marketers use video because it helps users to better understand the products and services they are offering.

So, don’t put aside creating how-to videos that teach something new or inspire your audience. Put more effort into YouTube. As this platform is growing, go all-in for YouTube. First of all, buy YouTube subscribers and gain more trust among the audience. Create high-quality videos and upload them on time.

Owning audiences 

A few years ago, social networks were the epicenter of marketing strategies, but today brands need greater control over their audiences. So they should explore and strengthen their use of their newsletter subscriber base, for example. 

This is due to 3 reasons: the followers of your accounts are not your audiences, they belong to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., since they are private companies; new algorithms make it difficult for your messages to reach the right audience and they are increasingly saturated spaces. For example, on Facebook, there are 6 million companies creating ads. Not a negligible figure, right?

Personalization, personalization, personalization 

When we talk about personalizing marketing, we are not just talking about including users’ personal names in emails. It’s about brand communications being relevant to a specific group.  This is why many brands seek out small influencers such as podcast hosts, comedians, local celebrities, and the like.

In this way, they connect with small audiences in a much more genuine way. A key element to offering a personalized experience to the public is to talk with them, listen to them one by one, and generate an offer according to their demands. But … how to achieve it without losing scalability? In the next point, I will explain it to you.

Implement chatbots 

Today people want immediate and accurate answers. As well as a support service that is available 24 hours a day in industries ranging from banking, and services, reaching government institutions. 

As a result of this, chatbots and virtual assistants have been used to answer questions and facilitate the sales process.

Think about user privacy 

This year Apple and Google created a stir by announcing their limitations on third-party cookies on their respective systems. Although Google postponed it until 2023, from next year your marketing team must prepare a new orientation to its ad guidelines. 

The tracking of users is crucial for many advertisers and companies, but consumers have greater concerns about their privacy, so require stricter care about their data. It is not an emergency, but you will have to find new ways to meet your customers that are more transparent.

You can do it through surveys, gamification, or automated modes of communication, which is precisely the next marketing trend for 2022 that we will talk about.


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