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Enduring the ongoing pandemic of Coronavirus has been a tough task for everyone. Besides saving ourselves and our loved ones from this deadly disease, we have to give up many other things as well, like going on shopping, movies and spending a day at the mall. 

Since the past year, everything we do in the name of entertainment has been confined to the insides of our homes. Even watching movies and shopping online. This is where websites like Movieorca .com came to our rescue. In this article, we are going to share some details about this website and review it. 

What is Movieorca? 

Movieorca is a website that allows its users to watch free movies, TV series and other copyrighted materials. Besides giving the viewers an option to stream the videos, Movieorca also enables them to download the videos and content. 

The server of this website is being operated from the United States. This website deals with illegally obtained content and videos. Every movie and TV series available on this website is a result of piracy.  

To get involved with any sort of activity with this website can be harmful to your system, as the server is not secured and there are numerous third-party websites linked to Movieorca .com

Features of Movieorca 

Movieorca is fast popularity gaining website that has become a go-to website for movies and TV show lovers. Here are some specific features of Movieorca listed below that distinguish it from other similar sites. 

  • This website allows you to select any video or movie from a wide range of content 
  • The website allows the user to instantly stream any movies or TV series  
  • Besides online streaming, it also lets the user download their favourite pick and save it for later viewing 
  • You can also directly connect your devices and cast the videos from this website on any screen you prefer 
  • The website is totally free to use 
  • Movieorca does not require any type of subscription plan to continue providing the user with its services 
  • The user is not required to create an account to browse through movie genres and watch a movie 
  • When the user selects a movie to watch, the website is not redirected to the original source of the video, in fact, the video is directly played on the Movieorca website 
  • All the contents are available without any legal barriers to the content 

How Movieorca Works? 

Step 1: User visits the website and searches for the content they want to watch 

Step 2: After searching for a particular content the user is presented with multiple results from incorporated websites that offer the content 

Step 3: The video contents are available from different website which is not disclosed to the user and viewer 

Step 4: The server enables the streams of the file on the user’s computer or other devices after bypassing the content from the first website  

Step 5: The recommended installed software decodes and allows an uninterrupted stream of the video 

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Servers of Movieorca 

As this website Movieorca deals with illegally obtained content and is also accused of piracy of most of the content, it is very much certain that the domain and server get banned and trashed after a few months of operation. 

To overcome this situation the website uses multiple servers and domains in order to continue its services and online appearance. Some domain names this website uses are,, and many more. 

Risks of Using Movieorca 

Although movie orca free movies is a great website to get movies and Tv shows for free, it is also very dangerous and harmful as well. From entering the website name in your browser to choosing what to watch, you may see various pop-ups on your screen. These pop-ups may contain many viruses that can steal data or endanger and compromise your device. 

If you somehow get past it, pressing the blue play icon to watch a movie or TV show may take you to another website. It may also contain some sort of viruses that previously you very efficiently saved yourself from. 


  • The website is free to use 
  • A wide range of content is available 
  • Multiple quality settings are available 
  • You can online stream as well as download video contents 
  • A wide range of genres are included 
  • No ads during the streaming of videos 
  • Catchy interface for users’ convenience 


  • Website is heavily linked with third party websites 
  • An irritatable amount of pop-ups are present 
  • Pop-ups may often contain a virus 
  • Clicking on some button on the page can redirect you to some other website possibly containing a virus threat 


Movieorca is rapidly popularity gaining website as people tend to search for free movies, TV shows and video content on the internet. This website although provides free content but also contains the risk of illegal sharing of data and virus attacks. 

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