Most Powerful Female Demon Slayer Characters

Demon Slayer Characters

It’s a lot of fun to explore the fantastic female universe of Demon Slayer. The anime and manga phenomenon signaled the emergence of modern-day manga and anime, and it quickly became one of the world’s most popular fads.

There are plenty of powerful female demon slayers in anime and manga, but who is the most powerful? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the most powerful and best female demon slayers and see how they rank against each other.

We’ll look at either official or unofficial characters, but our judgment is based on how much influence they have had in the story. For example, Shinobu Sensui will be ranked low because he only appeared in one manga chapter.

So let’s get started!

#7 – Kaguya Emonzaemon

Kaguya Emonzaemon is a minor character in the manga series Demon Slayer, but she’s quite powerful. She can summon and control hell butterflies and kill Akuma after absorbing them all.

She used her hell butterflies to perform all sorts of spells while fighting against seraphim warriors and even went up against Akuma. She was able to hold her own, but Akuma managed to absorb them all in the end.

#6 – Kuro Mujou

Kuro Mujou is a demon who has been around for 200 years, and he’s known as one of the world’s strongest demons. He only appeared in the manga because his demise was mentioned in the anime. He managed to defeat, trap and torture Akuma for 100 years before he got killed by him.

#5 – Karasu

Karasu is Yomi’s father with a bird mask over his face. He appeared at the end of the anime series but not in the manga series. His bird mask gives him special powers, including super strength, speed, and regeneration. He managed to kill a seraphim warrior but was killed by Akuma before entering the real world.

#4 – Kirei Kotomine

Kirei Kotomine is a priest from the anime series Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works, and he’s also a master swordsman. He appears as an antagonist but becomes one of the protagonists later on. His demonic powers make him stronger than average humans and even other demons, thus giving him a high ranking here.

#3 – Jingi

Jingi is a demon who can shapeshift into a mole and control people. He appeared in one episode of the anime series, but he was never shown in the manga. Being a demon, his strength and speed are incredible, but his rank here is low because he didn’t influence the story.

#2 – Kagura

Kagura is a demon slayer from the manga series Gakkou Gurashi, but her real name is Kagura Tsuchimiya. She was forced to become a demon slayer after killing one of them with her bare hands when she was younger. Even without any form of training, her strength and speed are incredible, as she’s able to fight against demons without much trouble.

#1 – Mayo Mitama

Mayo Mitama is an incredibly powerful demon slayer from the manga series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, and she possesses incredible strength and speed.

She doesn’t have any training as a demon slayer, but her abilities alone are already enough for her to kill other demons easily. She ranked much higher than other characters on this list because she has had much influence over the story, which involves her joining forces with Tanjiro Kamado to defeat demons together.

So, who is the most powerful female demon slayer in anime and manga? It’s hard to say for sure, but there are certainly some contenders. Let us know in the comments below who your favorite is and why you think she reigns supreme. And if we missed anyone, be sure to let us know!

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