Mera Peak Climbing Nepal

Climbing Nepal

Mountaineering is one of the most extreme things that a human can do in this world. That is why we regard the world’s best climbers as real superheroes of the globe. Two particular names of such idols would be Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary, the first humans to climb the world’s highest peak, Mt Everest. 

But here is the thing: they began small by ascending smaller trekking peaks. Mera Peak Climbing, a mountain in the Himalayas of Nepal, is one of them. They explored Mera Peak before and after the successful climb of Mt Everest in the early 50s. 

You also should do that if you aspire to be someone like them. And down the line, who knows, one day, you will also climb Mt Everest. So, for now, your ultimate climb should be Mera Peak, an excellent trekking peak for novices. 

If you do not know, The highest trekking peak in Nepal, Mera Peak(6.476m), is a cliff in the Mahalangur section, a part of the Himalayas in the Khumbu Region. The peak comprises three main peaks: Mera North(6,476m), Mera Central(6,461), and Mera South(6,065m). It gladly shares its home with several top eight-thousanders such as Mt Everest, Lhotse, Makalu, and Cho Oyu. 

As per the mountaineering association, it is a straightforward trekking peak with no or less technical parts. The real challenges of the trek are only acclimatisation and altitude. Steep & rough trails, cold weather, snow climbing, etc., are other adversities of the climb. If you are an experienced mountaineer, Mera Peak Climbing is a comfortable climb for you.            

But if you are not one of them, the peak might be a little challenging for you. As a novice climber, you will climb the highest trekking peak in the country. Before the climb, you will trek through the Everest Region to the foothills of Mera Peak. You will be walking for a whole week in the Himalayas, crossing steep and rugged trails. 

Then you begin to climb through a snowy path to the top of Mera Peak. You’ll face chilly nights, thick air, challenging climbs, and many more. Hence, it can be tricky if you have not done anything like that in the mountains.

Nevertheless, every hard thing can be made easy with better practice and preparation. You shall also make it look easy. For that, you need to do certain things.

You can indulge in high-altitude hiking, basic alpine training, snow trekking, cycling, trekking, and other similar activities. The more of these things you do, the easier the climb will be. All of those training will come together to make you a perfect contender for Mera Peak. And nothing will stop you from kissing the top of Mera’s peak. 

In brief, Mera Peak Climbing is an excellent chance for newbies to start their climbing discipline. This peak will teach you basic mountaineering skills and prepare you for the big climbs ahead in life. 

Also, we forgot to say that the Mera Peak expedition lets you enjoy Nepal’s clear and close mountains, diverse terrains, lovely people, unique culture, enriched flora & fauna, and many more. The top of Mera Peak allows awe-inspiring vistas of peaks like Mt Everest, Lhotse, Ama Dablam, Cho Oyu, Manaslu, and many others. 

Yes, all of that happens on the expedition. Go and experience all of them!     

Note: you can do Mera peak climbing and Everest base camp trek together.


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