Make Your Restaurant, Ideal Based on What Customers Value

Make Your Restaurant, Ideal Based on What Customers Value

If you like to indulge yourself from time to time with some fine food, then you’ve probably already got your favourite eating spots that you like to visit. Your choice of restaurant was probably based on one, if not more, features.

If you tend to go back to the same restaurant from time to time, then they’re probably doing whatever you value really well, the same can’t be said for all restaurants though, it seems consistency is the key, but what do you value?


Top of the list as far as people’s values go, when they visit a Caringbah restaurant just so happens to be the service. It’s no surprise really because most people have experienced what it’s like to have their meal tarnished somewhat by the service they’ve received whilst attempting to eat a delicious meal. 

It’s a crying shame really because some of the best tasting food that you could ever lay your eyes upon can actually end up leaving a sour taste in one’s mouth, a sour taste in your mouth if the service is poor. 

If you’ve been to enough restaurants in the past, then you’ll know what good service, and bad service look, and feel like, the food could be sub-par but, because the service received is so good, that the food itself can take a back seat and, ironically, not really matter too much. 


Next on the list is taste, which of course is subjective to say the least. What one person deems to be delicious could be quite the opposite to another, to the extent that there might be some teeth grinding going on. The really interesting thing about taste is that, over time your taste can change, sometimes from day to day. 

So, you’ll want your food spots to be as consistent as possible when it comes to how they prepare their food as well as the presentation.

There’s nothing worse than falling in love with a particular dish, only to return a week later and the food doesn’t taste the same. Considering it may be the only reason that you’ve returned, it may well be the last time too.


The topic of servings is an interesting one, and a vast one at that too. No two restaurants will offer exactly the same size dishes, equally, sometimes the same restaurant fails to replicate all of the things that grasped your attention in the first place.

It is a fine balance to get correct actually, no doubt you’ll have been to some restaurants where the portion sizes were simply too small and you never returned. 

On the other hand, some places put so much on your plate that there is no way you could have eaten everything that they served you. Unfortunately, this usually puts people off when it comes to a return visit.


Nearly all of the points that diners consistently confirm to be the ‘value’ or attractive feature that made their meal an experience to remember and, the same reasons why they returned for a second helping are subjective, including price. 

It turns out that people, generally speaking, value the same things, just on different levels. When it comes to price though, value for money comes into the conversation time and time again.


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