Lukalula Review: Is Lukalula Legit Or Not?

Lukalula Review

Planning on bringing a child to this world? Trying to make your family bigger? Then let me tell you that pregnancy can definitely be a beautiful phase of someone’s life. Bringing a tiny human into this world and caring for him/her is a wonderful feeling.  

Being a parent may make you worrisome about the future of your child and the hassles one can face in upbringing a tiny parson that depends upon your support and care. Another worrisome fact that ‘to be moms’ usually face, is that they become self-conscious of their bodies.  

The feeling of deformity, self-consciousness and imperfection may surround a pregnant women’s thoughts. Which can lead to having mood swings (more than there already are), negligence towards oneself and overall health issues.  

To make these moms to be feeling better about themselves many companies design outfits and accessories especially for pregnant women. Getting your hand on some comfortable yet stylish maternity clothes while pregnant can be a delight.  

Today we are going to review an online store, Lukalula that deals in similar comfortable and stylish maternity clothes. But some people are afraid of getting scammed online and try to steer clear of shopping online. This Lukalula review will give you some idea about the products this site is offering alongside its services.  

What is Lukalula? 

Lukalula is an online store that offers the best range of stylish, trendy and comfortable maternity clothes including dresses, swimwear, tops, bottoms and accessories as well. This website also offers a nice collection of matching mother and baby clothes.  

As it is very important to be comfortable all the time during pregnancy, it is very important to choose your outfits well. Choosing a comfortable dress from this site is very easy. They have a wide range of clothes according to the preference of pregnant women.  

Getting yourself a stylish outfit from Lukalula may also boost up your self-esteem and make you feel less self-conscious. Besides shopping for yourself from this site you can get your hands on some cute baby dresses as well. 

Is Lukalula Legit? 

Is Lukalula legit? This question is very tricky to answer. If you search online for reviews about this site, you will definitely find many negative comments about the quality of the products and issues with deliveries. But if you open the site Lukalula, you can see that the website has a nice layout and is not a new website that has just started a business online. 

There is a wide variety of products that range from very minimum price to higher prices. The website is also linked with other trusted websites. But according to a scam detecting site, Lukalula stands at the rating of 1.3 out of 5 stars, which is quite low. 

As the reviews suggest, the type of scam this website pulls are the low quality of the product, issues with timely delivery and of course unaccepted order cancels. In other words, once you place an order you cannot cancel it and only claim a refund when you receive the product. 

How To Know Lukalula is Legit? 

How to know whether Lukalula is legit or not? We are only here to lay out all the details of this website in front of you. Then it is up to you whether you trust this site enough to make an order or not. Here is a list of the pros and cons of this site: 


  • The site is fairly old and has been providing services for many years 
  • Many other trusted websites are linked to this site 
  • The EV SSL certificate is valid 
  • The layout of the site is very promising 
  • The site has a wide range of products for the maternity 
  • This site offers a return policy of 30 days 
  • Contact information is available on the website 
  • The return address is also mentioned on the website 
  • Offers free delivery on orders above the amount of $79 
  • Offers different percentages of the sale on the targeted amount 
  • Friendly payment options 


  • No presence in any social networking sites 
  • Many negative reviews online 
  • Poor delivery service 
  • Poor customer service 
  • It is impossible to cancel your order once placed 
  • If you claim a refund, you still have to pay a little percentage of the total amount 
  • Does not have a Wikipedia page 
  • An online scam detecting site have rated Lukalula 1.3 out of five stars 


Although everything on the internet cannot be true, everything about this site’s legitimacy has been mentioned above. Now it is up to you to make the decision whether you want to order from Lukalula or not. I hope this Lukalula review has helped you make that decision.


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