Lives Shopping: the emergence of teleshopping 2.0

Lives Shopping

Brands had to take over the web and turn to influencers. Increasingly more of them are facilitating lives to advance items or administrations. This content appeals to Internet users because it combines entertainment, with a more spontaneous content creator, and a sense of urgency through exclusive and limited offers.

In the live streams they not only share the product that brands are trying to promote, but also how influencers  really are connected to the idea and that is why the communities follow you. On the occasion of the Live Shopping that influencers are doing, it means a lot.

Brands like StreamOZ help companies to promote their product and services with the help of the Twitch streamers. You have to focus on this type of advertising as soon as possible before the trend is gone.

Social Selling and Live Shopping therefore have many advantages: streamlining the purchasing process, improving visibility, increasing proximity to the audience and therefore engagement. To achieve these results, you can use the “Marketer’s To-do list” present in the Stellar guide.

AR, VR and Metavers: what future for influence?

The metaverse is undoubtedly the main subject of the end of 2021, especially since Facebook, now Meta, took hold of this theme by announcing a new economic dynamic. The company has invested more than $10 billion in this project.

Concretely, the metaverse is a parallel virtual world where everything we do in the real world is potentially feasible. In this universe, you can create an avatar and communicate with other individuals, including those close to you.

The Metaverse appears as the sum of all Augmented Realities (AR), Virtual Worlds (VR), and the Internet. In this universe, we can take part in a concert, buy clothes… Infinite possibilities that still need to be clarified.

What about businesses? Brand initiatives remain few on the metaverse, but are beginning to emerge, specifically through gaming and NTFs, and will no doubt be even more numerous in 2022. Extending well beyond its gaming roots, the metaverse is becoming a youth hub where the future of socializing, entertainment and creativity is already at stake.

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