How to Stop Ants from Coming Inside Your Home

Stop Ants

Ants are probably the most common household pest in the US, especially in the summertime. They can be just about anywhere, and since they often come inside homes or apartments looking for food, that means you might find them crawling on your countertops, running across your floors, or hanging out near your refrigerator, kitchen sink, and other spots around your home or apartment.

Of course, that’s exactly where you don’t want them to be! Here are some home modification tips to keep ants from coming inside your home and eating all of your food…for good!

Home Exteriors

Make sure that your home’s exterior is smooth and clean. This makes it difficult for insects, like ants, to climb on your home. Cut back any overhanging tree branches or keep a thin layer of mulch at least four inches away from your home’s foundation.

You can also spray an ant-repelling spray onto windowsills and door frames or put sand around potential entry points such as pipes, outlets and AC units. Looking for an apartment with great amenities, check out Tampa apartments.

Defending Against Insect Invaders

Keeping Insects Out of your home is an essential part of pest control. Pests can be drawn into your home for a variety of reasons, but with some simple preventative steps you can keep bugs out.

Seal entry points and cracks in walls, floors and windows by filling them with caulk. Clear any debris from around pipes and doors as pests can find their way through tiny openings. By getting rid of potential hiding spots you’ll reduce their likelihood of entering your home at all.

How To Keep Out the Roaches

Roaches can make your home dirty, and you don’t want them around. There are steps you can take to keep roaches away. Here are some suggestions

Cleanup Tips for Bed Bugs

Are you being bitten by bugs? Are your waking up with a rash of bug bites on your arms and legs? Well, chances are that you have some sort of household pest problem. Maybe it’s rats in your attic or flies buzzing around your garbage cans outside. Whatever it is, identifying and stopping these pests will make your home a safer place for you and your family.

Keeping Termites at Bay

As insects go, termites are incredibly efficient creatures. But that doesn’t mean you can’t fight back. Check out these tips for keeping termites at bay and your home safe from infestation.

Combatting Spiders Around the House

Spiders can be frightening to come across in your home, but a few simple measures will go a long way toward keeping them outside. Seal up any areas where you see spiders entering your home.

This includes cracks around doors and windows and any entry points for plumbing or electrical lines. You can also use boric acid—found at most pharmacies—to kill spiders in these tight spaces.

Staying Away From Mosquitoes in the Summer

It’s important to know where mosquitoes like to hang out and how they find you. This will help you stay one step ahead of these pesky critters, so you can enjoy your time outside rather than inside with a bug zapper. Since mosquitos rely on smell and movement to find their next meal, it’s a good idea to cover up with long sleeves and pants when outside. If you can’t manage without outside help, enlist local pest professionals that have a mosquito service.

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