How to Find the Reliable Hyperbaric Chamber in the UK

Reliable Hyperbaric Chamber in the UK

Since the 1970s, HBOT has been used to safely treat a wide range of conditions. From decompression sickness to chronic wounds. In today’s era, more and more professional athletes are using HBOT to speed up the healing of torn muscles, joint pain, and even concussions. The home hyperbaric chamber, which is also called the “mild chamber,” offers mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy (mHBOT) and can be used in clinics and wellness centres. You don’t need to get rid of the comfort of your home to get the advantages of this therapy.

What is a hyperbaric chamber for the home?

Home hyperbaric chambers that deliver mHBOT at pressures between 1.3 and 1.5 make it easier for oxygen to dissolve and fill up synovial fluid and the blood, cerebrospinal fluid. This helps cells renew and heal. There are many different styles of home chambers, so you can choose one that fits your needs and way of life.

What kind of hyperbaric chambers are there?

Hard-sided and soft-sided hyperbaric oxygen chambers are the two main types. There are also variations like vertical and horizontal, which change how you enter, leave, and are positioned during hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Soft-Sided Hyperbaric Chamber 

Portable hyperbaric chambers, mild HBOT, or inflatable hyperbaric chambers are all names for soft-sided chambers that close with a zipper. Most of the time, they give out 24 per cent oxygen and can be found in homes. In general, these are the most common kinds of chambers. They are also popular among spas, gyms, senior living communities, and wellness centres that want to improve their facilities. Having a hyperbaric chamber can be a unique thing about your business that sets it apart from the competition. So, you can find a hyperbaric chamber right away near you. 

Hard Hyperbaric Chamber

The highest pressures for HBOT are reached in hard hyperbaric chambers. They can be used at home, but many single users can’t afford them because of how much they cost. However, you can find “Hyperbaric Chamber For Sale” at Simply Oxygen. You may find hard chambers at the best prices. Usually, this kind of chamber is often a good choice for hospitals to invest in. 


  • Increases the level of oxygen carried by the blood 
  • Offer the highest pressure levels for high oxygenation
  • It helps cells to heal and renew themselves

Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber

Only one person can use a hyperbaric chamber at a time. Horizontal versions look like tubes, and the user lies down in them during the treatment. Vertical versions, on the other hand, let the user sit up straight. The treatment session in a monoplace hyperbaric oxygen chamber can be tailored to the needs of the person using it.

Multiplace Hyperbaric Chamber

A hyperbaric chamber with more than one seat can be used by more than one person at a time. This is majorly helpful for people who might need help or comfort to stay calm during treatment, like children or adults with cognitive problems that would make them upset if they had to sit in a small room alone for two hours.

How to Find the Best Hyperbaric Chamber 

Above, you learned about some popular types of chambers. Every chamber is designed to meet individual needs. In reality, the best hyperbaric chamber is the one that stands true to authenticity. In other words, keep in mind to purchase the hyperbaric chamber from the right source. For instance, Simply Oxygen is a leading hyperbaric chamber provider in the UK. You can visit their official website and place the order of the chamber that meets your needs. Moreover, the prices of chambers can work in your favour. HBOT has saved millions of people’s lives as it offers you 100 per cent pure oxygen that delivers the best healing to the damaged tissues and cells. Purchase the chamber from Simply Oxygen and bring quality to your life


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