Hiring Sign Design Tips for Maximum Bang for Money

Hiring Sign Design Tips

Now that the worst of the pandemic seems to be behind us and economies are opening up rapidly once again, it is time for businesses to start recruiting. Local retail businesses need to be more innovative to leverage their smaller budgets.

Putting up hiring signs in the community in which the business operates can be very effective, however, you need to follow some generally accepted best practices in sign design for them to provide you the best results. Some tips:

Why Use Now Hiring Signs

There are indisputable advantages of hiring locally. The staff has a better work-life balance because they don’t have to travel far, and they need not stay away from their families or uproot them. For the business, creating and putting up hiring signs is easy.

They get you the exposure they need without spending a bomb. When you put up a hiring sign near your business, it catches the eyes of many people, including those who may not be looking for jobs themselves, but can refer you to those who are job hunting.

Top Tips for Getting the Most of Your Hiring Signs

Focus on grabbing attention:

The investment in time, effort, and money in the design and display of a now hiring sign will go to waste if people don’t notice it. It is vital to design the signs so they stand out, regardless of the clutter in the environment.

The best way of achieving noticeability is not making the sign too small or having a design that blends with the background. Using images, graphics, and bright colors can help bring it to the attention of the traffic.

The display position is also important because most people will not notice these signs if they are too far away. The signs should not be too low on the ground or too high. The signs need to be at eye level or a little higher for best results. 

Ensure readability:

When people are passing, you need to make sure that they can easily make out what the sign is all about and what it is saying. You should use a compelling headline in large and bold letters, include your company logo and name to identify yourself.

Do not try to cram too much text into a small space. Use a website address or a QR code to provide more details. According to Forbes, a QR code allows faster access to your website. Try to have the maximum white space to make reading easier. Use a simple font with adequate spacing between words.

Tell applicants what to do:

Besides providing the necessary details in an easy-to-read format, you must also inform applicants what to do to apply. You must mention a date by which they need to apply because businesses with open positions round the year do not have credibility.


When you get the design and contents of your hiring signs right, it benefits you and your target audience. You get a cheap and effective way of advertising open positions and attracting local resources, while applicants get an opportunity to understand your requirements and apply without wasting their time. 

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