Free Stuff Team RAR .Com: Is it an Authentic Website!

Free Stuff Team RAR

Everyone loves to get free stuff. And if free stuff comes with your online order as a free gift, it can bring a feeling of ecstasy along. Such is the claim to offer Free Stuff Team RAR. Team RAR claims to offer their customers free stuff and merchandise with their orders.  

Let’s dig into the details of this amazing offer from Team RAR Free Stuff and see if the website is authentic and legit. 

What is Team RAR .com? 

Team RAR is an online store that offers its customers unique merchandise and outfits. The website mostly deals in Print on Demand (POD). Their website is filled with unique designs that are specially designed to make business on Team RAR .com. 

Free Stuff Team RAR .com is run by a group of friends who all contribute their creativity and innovations to produce unique and special products and merchandise for their website. All the friends team up to create new ideas for making their website eccentric. 

Free Stuff Team RAR, formerly known as Dream Team, is a group of friends that are a collection of YouTube content creators and bloggers. All the members of Team RAR have their own YouTube channels where they got popularity by posting vlogs, mystery challenges, film challenges, and other fun activities. 

What is Team RAR .com about? 

The website Team RAR .com portrays the unique connection between friends Carter Sharer, Lizzy Capri, Stove, Matt, Milli Capri, and Ryan Brunt. All these friends combine their creativity to produce some amazingly unique merchandise that is readily available from the website as well as printed on demand. 

Team RAR especially in providing customers eccentric products with a pocket-friendly price tag. The products and merchandise include a range of bags, t-shirts, hoodies, caps, shorts and much more printable items. 

Specific Details About Free Stuff Team Rar

The website besides dealing with unique products also claims to offer Team RAR free stuff. Although, it is highly debatable that the website is actually handing out free stuff to people. Here are some specific details about this website: 

  • The website deals in printed merchandise and products 
  • Have multiple payment options 
  • Customers can contact them at 
  • The website offers quick delivery that takes up to two working days for domestic orders, whereas international orders take up to 2 to 4 weeks to deliver 
  • They also have a return and refund policy 
  • The return and refund policy is only valid till 30 days of delivery 
  • The exchange of products is only applicable to different or damaged products 
  • They also allow the customers to cancel their orders altogether before the shipping procedure starts 
  • They offer free delivery over the order or $60 which is quite low, but international orders have different shipping charges depending on the country and region of delivery 

Is Free Stuff Team RAR Authentic? 

Free stuff Team RAR has many things to offer in favor of its authenticity. When you search on the internet about this website, you will find numerous reviews talking positively about the products and services of this website. 

Team RAR is a fairly old website and has gained the trust of its customers through outstanding and authentic products and dedicated customer service. This website has a rating of 4.1 stars on the Customer Review website. 

Another point that shouts for this website’s authenticity is the social media handle this website is linked with. You can easily reach this website through any social media platform like Twitter, or Instagram. Facebook and YouTube. The presence of this website on so many other platforms is proof that anything this website deals in is definitely authentic and legitimate. 


  • The website offers unique products that are not available anywhere else on the internet 
  • The products are available at reasonable rates 
  • Many positive reviews can be found on the internet 


  • The website offers a limited range of products 
  • The website claims to offer free stuff which is unavailable at the moment 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Who is the team RAR? 

Team RAR where RAR stands for “Rare and Ridiculous” is a group of YouTuber friends that creates challenging content on YouTube. This group of friends combine to form unique merchandise for their website Free Stuff Team RAR .com. 

  • Who is the richest team RAR, member? 

Carter Sharer is the founder of Team RAR and thus is the richest member of the team with a net worth of an estimated amount of $3.5 million to $5.7 million. 

  • What is Lizzy Capri’s real name? 

The real name of Lizzy Capri is Elizabeth Chang. Born on June 17, 1994, she is commonly known online as Lizzy Capri (formerly Lizzy Sharer). She is an American YouTuber who collaborates with Carter Sharer to generate revenue for content on YouTube and also shares Free Stuff Team RAR .com with Carter Sharer and some other couple of friends.


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