Exploring Baltimore: Tips And Things To Remember

Exploring Baltimore

City Filled with Adventures

The city of Baltimore is home to many memorials and historical sights. Also known as the “Charm City,” it is claimed by tourists and locals alike to have a dynamic and notable experience while walking through and exploring the many possible areas to visit. Previously used as the main seaport, its harbors are now filled with commercial stores and known tourist attractions.

The most visited site in Baltimore is the Inner Harbor. For the war history geeks, you can find and explore the only surviving ship from 1854 during the country’s Civil War, the U.S.S. Constellation. The National Aquarium is also located in the Inner Harbor, which is home to around 20,000 species of different award-winning habitats, and it offers a 4D experience of the behavior of some of our ocean friends. There is also the Maryland Science Center for children and grown-ups interested in the fields of science, like astronomy, biology, and many more.

Food is, of course, not absent inside this harbor. Fresh high-quality seafood and famous crab cakes with bars and waterfront views are present in the many restaurants in the area, ready to serve you when you want to take a break.

There are still many areas to explore as a city with a colorful history. Museums of history and art are also found in the area. Fort McHenry, the birthplace of the country’s National Anthem, is also found near Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.

Tips When Exploring

Whether you’re a tourist or a local going through the area, there are always general tips to keep in mind when traveling through places with many people, for example, in tourist areas like Baltimore. Here are some reminders while exploring foreign areas or touring in general.

  • Plan Ahead

It is good to have a little knowledge around the area before visiting first hand. When travelling or touring, it is good to have an itinerary or list of places you want to visit. Don’t plan every second, instead write down the places you want to go for the day. With this you won’t be pressured by time and freely explore the areas.

  • Travel off-season

You’ll likely find cheaper sales for transportation and hotel accommodations when you travel off-season. You’ll also encounter fewer people than there during peak season. Shorter and lesser lines, more available resources, and being able to see the parts that are usually swarmed with people.  Avoid travelling during the summer or winter, try going during the months in between.

  • Budget Your Spending and Bring Extra Money

Money is important when travelling. While researching the places, you should also look into the transportation around the area. It is better to take public transportation, if you’re willing, to save more money but if not, there are Baltimore vacation rentals that can be your chaperone to take you to the places, whichever you’re comfortable and is fit to the budget. You may also look into the difference of the value or currency of the area and estimate there. Estimate your possible spending on transportation, food, hotel, souvenirs, attraction tickets, and more.

It is also better to prepare extra money than the ones you’ve budgeted, in the circumstance that you’re short on bills, you can grab some.

Things to Remember

  • Take Pictures

Taking pictures for memories is a thing now in the modern age. Don’t forget to bring your cameras or just use the camera of your phone. Don’t post your picture immediately, though. You can wait until you’ve returned from your trip before posting, for safety purposes.

  • Can ask questions to locals and tourists

If you’re lost or have a question in general, you can ask anyone around you. “Embarrassing” yourself is better than being confused and not knowing what to do. Locals and tourists around who’ve explored the place can answer your questions, plus a small chance of getting a free guide in the area.

  •  Have Fun and Enjoy!

The most important thing to remember when travelling is to have fun and enjoy the moment. Making yourself happy and satisfied is the main reason why you gave yourself time for vacation and travel so don’t forget that. Take in the scenery and sights. Forget your problems and live in the present.

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