CompTIA Security+ 501 vs 601: What’s the Difference

CompTIA Security

Information and network security management practices are more vital today than ever before as technology advances and work settings face the next stages of digital transformation. Large and small enterprises alike are affected by this.

Several large corporations have a growing problem with their cybersecurity infrastructure. Cyber-attacks are only growing more sophisticated as technology advances.

Network security professionals with sophisticated capabilities are increasingly being hired by organizations as a way to combat cybercriminals, find weaknesses in existing infrastructures, and avoid assaults. These specialists have the training and qualifications necessary to safeguard organizations from third-party hackers.

In terms of network security certifications, CompTIA Security+ is at the very top. Sprintzeal It is a vendor-neutral certification programme that is generally the first network security certification that IT workers take. Furthermore, it is the most widely accepted qualification in the field, outranking even the most basic cybersecurity certificates.

You will learn how to identify risks, vulnerabilities, and threats in the future, as well as how to do penetration testing with CompTIA Security+ certification. Aside from that, it teaches you the fundamentals of scanning vulnerabilities and avoiding assaults, as well as how to set up and manage identities and services, as well as how to deploy components.

Risk management, network security architectural ideas, and system design are all covered in this course, and you will learn how to apply and summarise the best practises. Installing and configuring security settings and implementing the vital infrastructure is also taught to you.

A Security+ credential is useful for a wide range of positions inside an organisation. Included here are:

  •       There is a person who is in charge of security
  •       Inexperienced IT Auditor
  •       An expert in computer security
  •       Consultant in Security
  •       Expert in security measures

Network Administrator

The SY0-501 test was all that was required of professionals before to 2020. In November 2020, CompTIA announced the Security+ SY0-601 exam, which altered everything. If you want to get the CompTIA Security+ credential, you can take any of the 501 tests until July 2021, when the examinations will be phased down by CompTIA.

Programs for CompTIA Certification

CompTIA was awarded the A+ certification in 1993. Since then, it has issued more than two million certificates. In the worldwide IT business, CompTIA provides a vendor-neutral certification programme that is widely regarded as one of the best in the world.

An infrastructure career path was created by CompTIA in 2018. All CompTIA certificates are built on a foundation of several certifications that you may or may not have heard of or read about. To guarantee that the certifications one picks are more aligned to real-world scenarios and role-based abilities, the new solution track was created.

There are four categories of CompTIA certifications, based on the skills they assess. One of these groupings includes every qualification.

Certifications that are essential to a job

These certificates are designed to assist IT workers improve their essential abilities in the field. CompTIA has four certifications to select from in this area.

  •       More than the basics
  •       Network+ certification from CompTIA
  •       CompTIA’s A+ certification
  •       CompTIA’s Security+ certification

Certifications for the infrastructure of a company

In order to correspond with the Network+ credential, a second category was added. Three certifications are held by this group.

  •       CompTIA Cloud+ certification
  •       Server+ certification from CompTIA
  •       Certification from CompTIA’s Linux+ certification

Certifications in cybersecurity

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in network and information security, you may select from three internationally recognised certifications in this field.

  •       Certification in CompTIA’s CySA+
  •       CASP+
  •       The CompTIA PenTest+ certification exam.
  •       Additional Certifications for Professional Purposes

There are various qualifications in this category that are not part of a predetermined professional path. ” Included are:

  •       CCTA+ certification from CompTIA
  •       Certification Exam for CompTIA Cloud Foundations
  •       The CompTIA Project+

Regarding the Test

It was revealed by CompTIA in 2017 that the Security+ SY0-501 test will be phased down in July 2021. It was stated in November 2020 that the CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 test will only need to be passed after July 2021 in order to achieve the Security+ credential. 90 performance-based and multiple-choice questions will be included in the test, which is completed in 90 minutes. You must obtain at least 750 points to pass the exam.

Exam 501 vs. 601: CompTIA Security+

The SY0-601 features 35 objectives, compared to the SY0501’s 37, which is fewer. There are around 25% more examples in the SY0-601 than in the SY0-501.

The SY0-601 is significantly easier to grasp than its predecessor since it has more examples, making it easier for you to study.

There are six domains in the Security+ SY0-501, however there are only five in the SY0-601.

When it comes to domains, the SY0-601 exam has fresh priorities. An area that deals with threats and vulnerabilities has a 24 percent weighting in the SY0-501 exam, compared to 21 percent in the SY0-101 exam. SY0-601 also has a higher weighting of 21 percent for ‘Architecture and Design’ compared to the SY0-501, which has a 15 percent weighting.

More focus is paid to current abilities necessary to analyse and execute corrective measures, monitor and secure hybrid settings, and operate while adhering to laws and rules that are currently in existence in the CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 certification exam. As a result, cybersecurity incidents are given more attention in this new policy framework.

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