Checklist of Do’s and Don’ts for New Amazon Sellers: Updated Amazon Guide

Amazon Sellers

Are you considering diving into to ocean of E-commerce and becoming an Amazon seller? Well, it’s a good call. Amazon has become the world’s leading marketplace with a massive market cap of over 1 trillion dollars, and these numbers are continuously growing.

With a growing market cap, new sellers and buyers are joining Amazon every day. It’s a good opportunity for brands and entrepreneurs; however, the challenges have also grown with the growth of Amazon. 

Keeping that in mind, we’ve prepared a checklist of all top Amazon new sellers. By new sellers, we mean the simplification of the guide. If you’re an old seller, you can also benefit from the blog and improve your Amazon strategies. 

Do Invest on Paid Advertisement 

Regardless of your business size and marketing budget, you must pay attention to amazon ppc advertising services. Unlike the slow effect of SEO, paid advertisements provide you with quick results.

Whether you’re just launching a new product or selling old products, you must test PPC or Pay-Per-Click on your products. PPC is one of the most effective online advertising strategies for Amazon. You’ll only have to pay when the customer clicks and view your ad. You can also use Amazon-sponsored products will get your products quick visibility and increase your chances of high sales.  

Don’t Violate Policies

Violating Amazon policies or code of conduct can cause your suspension of payments, de-ranking or permanent cancellation of product listing, and the end of some selling privileges. 

Do Invest in Amazon Tools 

The amazon analytics tools are great for getting useful insights about the buyer. You can use these insights to create a new sales strategy to make the needful improvement in your current Amazon sales strategy. 

Do Keep an eye on your competition 

Amazon is a largely saturated market. The majority of sales on Amazon are done through third-party sellers or resellers. That means there are high chances that someone else is also selling the same products.

That makes it crucial to pay close attention to the competition and offer competitive pricing. Ignoring the competition can also result in the de-ranking of your product listings. 

Don’t launch low-quality products 

If you’re a private label seller, you must ensure a high-quality product. Sourcing a low-quality product can get you temporary sales and rankings, but in the long run, it can doom your Amazon business.

So, it’s crucial to source a low price but high-quality product and reduce the profit margins to kill the competition. However, if you’re a third-party seller, you must keep map pricing in mind. A large majority of Amazon sellers have no idea about what is map pricing, and they end up violating the policies.

As a result, brands restrict or stop providing supplies that result in loss and de-ranking of your listings. If you’re a brand owner, it’s important for you to know how to enforce map pricing on amazon.

Do Follow the trends

Stay updated with the trend in the market is what keeps the business successful. In an e-commerce business, the seller who catches the trend quicker and starts selling gets the lead.

However, for the new sellers, it is very risky as well. Thats why in a saturated market like Amazon, you should stay updated with the latest trends and not just jump into the market without proper research. 

Don’t Ignore the questions

There’s a Q/A section where the buyers can submit questions for the sellers. It’s vital to answer all the questions related to your product. It gives a very professional impression on the visitor and enhances the chances of conversions. 

Do SEO Optimization 

Just like Google, SEO optimization is equally important for your Amazon store. An optimized product list with the right keywords in the title and product description can get your products top-ranked.

Good rankings mean more visibility and sales. If you’re a new seller and don’t have SEO expertise, you can use the amazon seo service for improving your rankings and sales. 

Don’t Compromise on Customer Support

Customer services play a crucial role in the e-commerce business. According to the market research, the majority of the customers prefer a good customer experience instead of price.

Suppose you don’t already have a designated customer support team or cannot handle customer support. In that case, you should opt for Amazon FBA instead of using the FBM method of your business.

Do learn the Buybox Algorithm

Understanding the buybox algorithm of Amazon is essential for all sellers regardless of their type and fulfillment methods. Amazon evaluates the performance of each seller with the help of this algorithm and then decides that which seller’s product will be addicted cart when the buyer presses the “Add to cart.” 

Closing Thoughts:

Amazon Sellers

Well, that is pretty much it. These are some dos and don’ts that every Amazon seller should carefully understand to grow their business this year. Also, remember that running a successful Amazon store doesn’t require large capital or a marketing budget.

You just need to utilize available resources wisely and optimize all the steps of your princess properly. In case you’re a private label owner, you should not ignore amazon brand protection.


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